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The 5 Very Best Night Clubs in USA worth Giving a Shot

You can party and have fun anywhere. Play some good music, turn the volume up, get a bottle and find some nice company – you’re all set up for a fun night!

But if you’re searching for an intense, exciting summer night-out or weekend escapade, I suggest you hit up into a dance party nightclub. These destinations are where you can find the real party vibe – huge crowds, thumping beats, and booze till you drop.

From New York to Denver to Chicago to Las Vegas to San Francisco, I’ve partied at pretty much every city across the country. And every city has its own unique, interesting club, but some venues really stand out.

What makes these clubs “hot” is a mishmash of many factors – the ambiance, the sound system, the brand of music, and the line-up of DJs, musicians, and artists.  Let me share to you five of the best night clubs that will make your night go with a bang!

Pacha, New York

The sprawling 3,000-person capacity superclub – Pacha – is Manhattan’s newest playground. Having dominated the party scene in the Mediterranean since the 70s, Pacha has grown to be a global face of hedonistic glamour. Much like its outposts in Munich, London, Syndey and Ibiza, Pacha NY draws capacity crowds due to its superb party experience.

Pacha NY has remained the best superclub in this part of the country. And despite the upcoming launch of other large label nightclubs, Pacha stays on top of its game. The nightclub boasts of a thumping sound system, one-of-a-kind lineups, great venue, competent and professional staff, and practical location. Pacha also serves the most popular cocktails for partygoers. I won’t wonder why it is among the top destinations for tri-state ravers.

Whether it’s techno, bangers, or electro, the lively vibe at Pacha NY is definitely unmatched. The superclub is all about great music and fun. Some may find some issues with Pacha such as the absence of a dress code policy and VIP bottle service. But only few clubs come close to the party experience the club guarantees.

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Top 10 Most Served Cocktails in the World

Whether you are in a bar, a club or just at home, the party won’t be complete without cocktail drinks. While everyone has his or her own all-time favorite, it’s never a bad idea to experiment on different mixes to discover which one gives the best kick.

There are virtually countless recipes for cocktails for you to try. Cocktails are a mix of alcoholic beverages that contain three or more ingredients usually water, sugar, a bitter or sour flavor, and a spirit. Some cocktail recipes contain more than two kinds of spirits and are added with odd mixers such as cream, herbs, milk or honey.

Every nightclub has its own house cocktail specialties or bestsellers – and I know they are worth a try. Let me share with you some of the most commonly served and well-loved cocktails around the world.

  1. Mojito

On top of my list will definitely be the Cuban drink – Mojito. It’s a refreshing and excellent mix of sweet, sour and bitter ingredients. It contains sugar, white rum, mint leaves, lime, club soda, and sweat and sour mix. Crushed ice completes the recipe.

  1. Bloody Mary

The well-loved tomato juice cocktail is a concoction of tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and celery salt. It’s best served in tall glass. Its color resembles blood, so don’t wonder why it’s called such.

  1. Martini

An iconic cocktail recipe, the Martini is prepared in a shaker contains gin, dry vermouth, and olive. Making some changes and adding ingredients in the classic recipe creates different variations such as the Apple Martini or the Perfect Martini.

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Different Types of Dancers You’ll See at the Clubs

I’ve seen different types of club-goers – the party animals, the clown, the texter, the awkward couple, the kid who just tried his first alcohol, the guy who has just been dumped, and many more.  But more interestingly, I’ve probably seen all types of dancers one can run into at the clubs.

I guess at every bar, nightclub or dance floor, you can find these dancers showing off their dancing prowess, shaking off their booty. I really don’t know how to categorize my dancing skills but here are the top five dancers I normally hang out with at clubs.

  1. The Natural Dancer

Some people are born to dance. They have the moves. They dance so good, they don’t care how awful the music is. Once they start dancing, they turn the dance floor into their stage. They’re like auditioning for a dance competition or for So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone just looks bad when they dance, and we ultimately hate them. Yes, they are entertaining but for god’s sake it’s a nightclub not some dance competition.

  1. The Non-Dancer Trying To Be A Dancer

You know what I mean. These guys know they can’t dance but still does maybe for a friend or a girl or his pride. You can see from their faces that they are uncomfortable with what they’re doing but they just go on nonetheless. Their eyes are rolling around, copying other’s dance moves. If you relate to this dancer, don’t worry, they make up about 60% of the dancers at the club.

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So Who’s A Club Promoter and What They Do?

Being a club promoter is one of the great ways to have fun and entertainment  and turn them into a profit. That’s why I love this job. However, many people may not know what it means to be a club promoter, which are the obligations and how  they make money. So, let’s dispel a fog surrounding this profession and explain who is a  club promoter and what they do.

What is a club promoter?

Basically, club promoter is primarily a lover of parties,  who has a very wide circle of friends and makes new acquaintances easily. Club promoters use their connections with people in order to invite them to a party and earn money that way. It seems simple, right? Just say, “Hey guys, there’s a good party, let’s have fun.”

Well, maybe, if it is the only party that takes place in your city. But most often it is not! That is why the job of  the club promoter requires much more skill than just calling for a good time. He should be fully aware of the working style of one club and to know what makes a successful nightclub. Only then, it can convince people that his club is exactly what they need for good entertainment. In some way, the job of the club promoter is a classic trade, only instead of the product he offers a good time.

Can anyone be a club promoter?

Although the job of a club promoter appears simple, it is not a job for everyone. A good club promoter must be ambitious, and he need to like entertainment, socializing with people and to be assertive and charismatic. This job looks as a fun, but the successful club promoter will take care of its development. He will seek new ways to promote the club and to convince owners of the club that he is a true promoter for them.

He will learn to access people on the not irritating way. It is great to make money in this way – bring a few friends, get a free drink in a super club. But to be successful, it is necessary to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances, to know the club and what kind of people gathers there and what is the nightclub dress code. All this can be important when you are calling people to the party.

Can a club promoter really make money?

A job of club promoter brings money, otherwise we would not talk about this as a profession, but about a simple lover of parties. There are several ways in which the club promoter can earn money from the nightclub visit.

One way of earning is per head. For every person who comes to a party, a club promoter has a certain amount of money. Logically, the more people – more money. How much money he can earn depends on the type of people who are invited to the party. Experienced promoter has in his circle of acquaintances respected people and models, and its income can be even 100 $ per head.

In addition to earnings per head, there may be flat earnings that promoter agreed with the owner of the club. On the one hand, it is a guaranteed way to make money. On the other hand, if the response is good, the promoter can earn more if it works per head.

The third way is earning from selling drinks. Club promoter brings the people who spend money at the bar or at a table, and takes a percentage of sales.

Advantages and disadvantages of this job

For lovers of nightlife, the advantage of such a job is obvious. In this way, they can have fun, meet people and be paid for that. What will attract people to keep coming back to the same club, and thus make continuous profits, is the charm and charisma of the club promoter. Successful people in this business become popular and celebrities in the certain people circles.

Every business, in addition to the bright side, has another side of the coin. It’s like walking on the steep stairs. Effort and work will bring the dizzy success. But the night life involves living with vices. You will replace the day and night, which was not the healthiest lifestyle, but there are also alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. If you want to be part of such a job and the crowd, then you need to monitor your own steps. If you are not strong enough, easily you’ll roll down the stairs.

How to be a successful club promoter?

A successful club promoter will always  find a way to make progress in its work, and to develop a strategy for attracting people and creating crowds. What brings the progress in this business? It brings new responsibilities and more money.

Good club promoters often become party promoters. Being a party promoter requires some organizational skills, not just acquaintances, as well as investing money in the organization, DJ, and other staff.

This promotion requires more knowledge, greater risk, but it makes more profit. Party promoter can earn up to $ 10,000 for the evening. However, the organization of one party involves much more time, not just one night.

3 Destinations For People Who Want To Detoxify From Endless Nightclubbing

After endless nights of clubbing, partying, booze, alcohol, and fun, there comes a day when you just want to detoxify and enjoy some quiet evening. While my work as a club and party organizer doesn’t allow me to do this on a frequent basis, I do spend some serene nights to regain my sanity. It is during these nights when I recharge myself and see how beautiful the night is sans the revelry of nightclub.

Luckily, there are a lot of great destinations and activities that you can do at night. Here let’s take a look at some top destinations for those who want to detoxify from endless clubbing.

Death Valley National Park, California

This amazing night spot is perfect for watching the heavens in the dark. If you’re lucky, you can catch heavenly phenomena such as lunar eclipses, meteor showers, asteroids and more. With very minimal artificial light, this 3.4 million acre park is indeed the best site for stargazing. Almost 91 percent of the covered area is declared as protected biodiversity without development. The area combines clean air, dry climate, and expansive horizon that you’ll think you’re part of the heavens.

The best time to visit this place is between the months of November to April, when the temperatures are less punishing (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.) When planning to drive to the park, make sure you use a reliable dirt road vehicle equipped with proper illumination such as those LED light bards you’ll find at

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico

Another great destination to spend your night out of the club, the Chaco Culture National Historic Park lets you see what our prehistoric ancestors gazed up in the sky. Protected by the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico, this historical park is a natural dark spot where in you can watch the full splendor of the night sky. Between the months of April and October, a group of stargazing enthusiasts presents solar viewing, stargazing and astronomy programs.

And just like the Death Valley, this area is accessible only via dirt roads so make sure you use an off-road vehicle with adequate illumination. It may be unsafe for ordinary passenger cars.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Get a totally unique kayaking experience at the Acadia National Park. Bioluminescent light-producing microorganisms thrive in the waters of this area. When disturbed, the miniscule microorganisms produce silvery glow that looks otherworldly. There’s a kayak adventure club there where you can rent single or double kayaks on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you are not keen about kayaking, you can spend some quiet nights under the dark sky while stargazing. Aside from the annual Acadia Night Sky Festival held around September, you should also watch out for onetime events like meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and other amazing heavenly bodies.

Final Thoughts

Planning to spend some nights away from the noise, revelry and fun of nightclubs, then these three destinations would surely give you that well-deserved detoxification. It’s good to have a completely different experience every now and then.

What To Do On A Girls Night Out Other Than Clubbing

Planning a girls night out but don’t want to go clubbing?

That’s exactly the dilemma that I had to contend with this dilemma: a nightclub promoter organizing a night out but not in a club! It’s certainly a challenging task.

As a club promoter, I am used to planning parties and night outs in flashy nightclubs here in Las Vegas and other ‘red light districts.’ That’s why I was initially hesitant about this project. Planning an evening event aside from clubbing is totally not my turf. I honestly didn’t know any other fun things to do aside from clubbing. But since it was a good friend who commissioned me, I felt obliged to do so.

I went around Las Vegas to explore the nightlife outside of the clubs. I used an amazing goal planner reviewed here: After a lot of revisions in my original plan, thankfully the event was a success. They all enjoyed it.

But what really surprised me is that there are actually a lot of other amazing activities to do at night outside of nightclubs, bars and dance halls. Here let me share with you some ideas on your next girls’ night out.

  1. Pool party

Except during winter season, overnight pool parties promise a night of fun and laughter. Make the party complete with lady’s drinks, fruity beverages, pool floats, and patio lighting.

  1. Salon/spa

After spending long hours at work, pamper yourself along with your friends at a salon or spa. You could do facials, manicure/pedicure, and massages. Serve light snacks, juices and evening cocktails to make your night out even more fun.

  1. Art exhibit

I admit that I’m not a fan of art – it’s boring. But some girls do love the arts. It can be an ideal option for these girls. Look for upcoming art shows and glam up for the night. If there’s a local museum or art gallery, that’ll be great too!

  1. Food trip

Explore the city and you’ll be surprised that there are lots of other exciting food stops. Instead of the typical restaurants, look for other food establishments that offer exotic and unique dishes. A stroll down local street foods district is also a fun night out idea for the outdoorsy type. It’s great to discover new things and experience new foods with friends.

  1. Thrift store shopping

Girls can’t get enough of shopping! A night at the thrift stores is a sober way to spend an evening with the girls. From clothing to home décor to accessories, you’ll definitely go home with some amazing finds.

  1. Huddle up at a friend’s place

You don’t have to be literally “out” at a public place to enjoy your night. Huddle up in one of your girl-friends’ place and spend the night playing board games, card games or other parlor games. It’s nice to be childlike again. You can also spend the night watching movies, listening to music, telling stories and more.

If you’re tired of nightclubbing or just want to be sober, there are tons of exciting night out ideas you can think of. What’s important is to enjoy the night with the company of your girl-friends!

How to Become an Insanely Productive Promoter

How to Become an Insanely Productive Promoter

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from you guys that want to become club promoters yourselves. I’ve talked a little bit about what it takes to be a promoter and the pros and cons of the job, but I think you all deserve to know exactly what it takes to start promoting today. There is a lot of glitz and glamour about the job, but there is a lot of hard work and tough times too. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I love my job!

Realize What You Are

Here’s the simple fact: as a promoter, you’re a salesman. If you’re not interested in a career in sales or don’t think you have what it takes to be a salesman, go ahead and stop reading now. You won’t enjoy this job. Personally though, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. As a promoter (salesman!) I get rewarded for how much work I do.

I am compensated based on how good I am. It’s not like other jobs where the guy sitting next to you on his phone makes just as much as you, the hard worker, do; I am directly rewarded for how good I am.

This applies to your looks too! It really helps to put some effort into your appearance. I dress my best, I play sports and work out to keep fit, and I make sure I always look put together.

Maybe it’s not good to judge by appearances, but people are going to do it anyway. If you’re not very fit right now, invest in some sports equipment from and play outside for a bit! It’s a good start, and once you’re a little more toned you can start working out more. Your looks are a game changer as a promoter.

Know Your People

You can’t just hand out fliers to everyone that passes. You have to find the people that want to go to clubs and target them! Sound impossible? Trust me, it’s not. It’s a learned skill, just like playing an instrument.

And like playing an instrument, some people are naturally better at it than others. But everyone can learn by practicing! You will figure out pretty quickly how good you are at identifying future clubgoers. It really helps if you can shadow an experienced promoter to learn the ropes.

Treat Your Suppliers Well!

This is one of the most important steps. I have a great relationship with the guy who does my printing, and the guy who runs my online ads. These people know other people in the business, and can often get you more people to invite.

The Golden Rule of promotions is to treat everyone like you want to be treated. Don’t ever blow anyone off! You can’t afford to be known as someone who is hard to work with. Just be cool, and you’ll get people piling in the door.

Colorful LED Lighting

As someone who travels around the world visiting the various dance halls, clubs and nightspots to be found in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere, I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting new trends, or to see if the things which are popular in one corner of the world are popular elsewhere as well. I can say with surety that musical tastes do vary from place to place – that’s probably why different corners of the Earth produce different genres of music. On the other hand, things like colorful, spinning or flashing lights, especially LEDs, seem to be popular at the majority of clubs I visit and promote.

Why are flashing lights such a big thing? I can’t honestly say that I know. They don’t really do much for the quality of the music, but seeing everyone around you scintillating and changing colors constantly might do something for your mind, especially if you happen to be under the influence of something you shouldn’t be. Getting back to the lights, I’m actually kind of surprised at the number of applications there are for LED lights today. The stuff I see in clubs is kind of primitive in comparison; just the same old light being passed through a colored cover, or colored light being produced by a particular filament.

Today, LED lights can even be made to produce ultraviolet light and radiation, as if they were tiny little pieces of the sun strapped along the length of a bar. In fact, some of the same lights I’ve seen in clubs were turned around and used during day hours to help speed up the growth of plants being grown in containers. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself at if you like. There are plenty of growing lights there which could easily double as club lighting in a pinch, believe you me.

While low lighting is good for quiet music and bringing people close, the bright, flashy and garish stuff is best for louder songs with more intense beats, the sort of stuff you listen to when dancing hard or trying to get a crowd pumped up and moving on the dance floor in the first place. Mind that I said some of those grow lights could double as club lighting in a pinch. The odds are good devices made to shower plants with constant light don’t have the kind of oscillating or strobe effects your typical DJ is looking for when trying to create a light and sound show for an audience.

For the perfect clubbing session, you need a few things. First, some people you’re friendly with, maybe even people you’ve known for a while; people who will keep you safe if you have too much to drink, for instance. You need a designated driver too if alcohol is going to be part of the evening’s plans. There are some things you need which you can’t simply bring with you from home though, like decent lighting setups, good acoustics and of course, hot musical tracks.

Top 3 LA nightclubs to visit for a great night club experience

I was recently in Los Angeles visiting the hot and happening nightclubs in the region. The sheer variety found there had me surprised. No wonder the place is popular for its nightclubs. Whether it is the trendy Downtown beats or Hollywood velvet ropes, you can have a wide variety of flavor.

The city has both exclusive venues and incognito hangouts too. If you like hipster parties Echo Park, Silver Lake and Downtown are the places to go. The SunSet Strip is for the trendy crowd, while you can find hot spots for college students too. All in all the afterhours entertainment is just above any expectation you have about the city. Some of the most popular places in Los Angeles include,


Launched in the year 2006, this place became quite a rage in a few years’ time. With Brent Bolthouse, the famous promoter at its helm, the lively club attracts the elite crown from Hollywood.

Disco ballThe modern décor (midcentury) features quaint coffee tables made of wood contrasting with the leather couches in white, while the bars and dance floor remain the entertainment hub of the place. If you are looking for a personal space to know the women who frequent here, the outdoor patio is the spot to go.

But there is only one hitch. Getting in is not simple. Even if your name is on the day’s guest list it cannot guarantee entry as the place gets packed pretty soon.

One way out of this dilemma is reserving the bottle service which would instantly give you access to mingle with the waitresses, starlets and enjoy a nice location. While I did enjoy the nightlife here, I had the opportunity to experience the most fun filled and cool barbecue party at my friend’s place. He had a special Electric Smoker , which produced the most amazing grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted.

Les Deux

Owned by Dolce Group, this popular LA hangout includes Geisha House and Ketchup House. You can enjoy the European ambience here with half of the venue in open air under the bright stars, while the other half being indoors. The highlight of the place is the outdoor grotto that features a fountain and projector run French films setting the mood for a cool night out.

If single you’d find it hard to get past the bouncers, but when you are with a group of girls they readily let go the velvet rope. I did not have any problem as we were in a group consisting of men and women. We had been enjoying the outdoors all day long in the countryside and had a blissful afternoon barbecue, which had me thinking of buying a smoker like my friend had. He suggested I take a look at the pellet smokers such as on this page to make a better choice.


While this hangout looks quite tame outside, once you enter you are engulfed by the 1920s Hollywood décor complete with crystal chandeliers and oil paintings. While the dance floor doesn’t leave much space for dancing, the DJs put up a splendid fare all days of the week. You can find the best of Hollywood including actors, producers and agents here. Make sure you are there before the clock strikes

Brazil – host of the world’s biggest party

Where is the biggest party in the world? Even those who are not involved in organizing parties and club promotions know that it is in Brazil. Carnival in Rio is an event that every serious club promoter needs to see. And realistically, against such pervasive parties in the streets, scantily dressed girls, colorful costumes, sequins and colors, parties in clubs around the world are pale. Going to Rio has been always amazing. And it always reminds me how much I have to learn about my job.

Brazil is a lively country, famous for many things. Carnival in Rio is one of them and for me, it is almost synonymous for this country. When I went to Brazil, I saw that it is a mixture of various great things. Many miracles are located in Brazil – the biggest river Amazon, the largest rainforest, the biggest statue of Jesus above Rio, the biggest beach, the biggest party. Brazil is a great place to meet many people. And spreading friendships is something that is my profession and duty, not only pleasure and habit.

Although I visited Brazil during Carnival when the samba is in the foreground, the people I met draw my attention to other things. One friend of mine introduced me with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and took me to the training to experience this kind of fighting. Brazil is not known only by colorful costumes and dancing. Jiu Jitsu is another jewel in the necklace of this multicolored country. My friend explained to me why it is important to have a good gi and why my track suit is not good enough for fighting. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art which uses fighting techniques that require concentration and attention, and allow those who have weaker body structure to deal with those who are strong. The aim of the fight is to catch the opponent for a gi, knock him to the ground and finish the fight.

Since I never practiced BJJ, I did not want to try this technique in the fight with the man. So I practiced on the grappling dummy, which was simulating my partner. It’s really great for practicing Jiu Jitsu techniques. Some of the best grappling dummies can be found here: Where there is a crowd, the probability that you come into conflict with someone is greater. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can certainly be helpful in such situations.

I read somewhere that in Brazil, 70% of the population are younger than 30 years. This aging population is most prone to parties. They simply like to have fun and know how to do it. During the carnival in Rio, partying on the streets lasts for several days. The main carnival, which is actually a kind of parade of the samba schools, is only a fraction of the atmosphere. True, it is the most glamorous part. However, throughout the city, there are so many events, individual parties, and balls. It’s a hard count them all.

Going to Rio is the right thing if you want to change your monotonous life for a few days. There is partying everywhere. I like to be where the fun is. In this sense, Brazil is the country of my dreams!

Nailed It!

We should never have gone to that nightclub. It had to be a contributing factor to the accident the next morning on the building site. Max and I and our partners had decided to have a bit of a night out at one of the new clubs in our city. Even though we had the best intentions of not having too much to drink and being home at a reasonable hour, our good idea got washed away with too many shooters and some fancy cocktails. Don’t mix drinks when you’re having a night out, so we stayed off the beer. Probably a bad idea.

While clubbing hasn’t been on my recreational list for quite a while, I don’t mind the occasional evening of having 120Db hammering away into my brain.  It’s also healthy to replace some lost liquids in your body and moving that body in some gyrating and jumping motions that came close to ‘dancing’.

So there we were, having a darn good time. Max, his partner Jane, me and my fiancée Jaz, and about 300 others packed into Rapscallions Nightclub in the city. Even though we had vowed to just have a couple, we had not driven there but taken a taxi. Max and I were both carpenters working on a new housing project in the outer suburbs and the heat was on to finish the homes as quickly as possible. Well, time is money, right?

The time rolled on past 1 am and we had just a bit too much to drink. The music had been great but we were getting tired after the dancing and the elbowing you had to do to get to the bar to order a drink. We needed to be on the job at 7 am. Hoo boy! I finally got to bed at about 2 am and I assume Max did as well. He doesn’t live that far from me. In the morning, I drove to his place, which was a bit risky as I was probably going to register more than 0.05 on the breathalyser if stopped. But how many cops are around at 7 am on a Sunday morning?

We reached the building site in reasonable time. We had wall frames to put up and I was doing the setting up of the timber pieces and Max was using the framing nail gun to put them together. We were onto the second frame and making measurements and cuts to fit the door frame. The nails here had to be popped in on an angle as well. Not sure what happened, but Max let out a scream of pain, the nail gun dropped to the ground and there he was hopping around on one foot. A nail was sticking out of his boot and some blood was already pooling around the entry hole. No doubt about it. Power tools and a power night out just don’t mix!

How To Enjoy Yourself At The Club Alone

How To Enjoy Yourself At The Club Alone

Going to a nightclub is almost a quest in itself. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s the right or wrong thing to do. It’s almost as if there are unwritten rules when you enter the club. If you’re daring to venture into a club by yourself, the quest becomes ten times harder, as you’ll have nobody around you to tell you who’s looking good, or which group to avoid. However you can have the same amount of fun by yourself than when you’re with your friends. The following are some dos and don’ts to go by when clubbing alone:


  • Go on a busy night – usually Thursday to Saturday nights are the busiest nights of the week for nightclubs. It’s best to go when there are lots of people around, as this is your chance to find yourself a group of friends to join, or perhaps a potential romantic interest. Going to a quiet club alone may leave you feeling lost and bored for the night, so go on a night where there are lots of people around. Also consider going to a club when they are hosting an event.
  • Try to stay near the bar – the bar is a neutral place for everyone in the club. If people get lost or separated from their friends, they’ll often head to the bar. Or if others are clubbing alone, they’ll be aware that the bar is a good place to strike a conversation with someone. You won’t come across as a freak or a weird guy alone if you hang out at the bar, and you never know whom you might meet!
  • Offer to buy someone a drink – if you see somebody alone at the bar that you find attractive, perhaps they’re wearing the right dress or a really cool shirt, go and offer them a drink. Even better if they’re buying a drink and you offer to buy it for them. If they’re alone and drinking, it’s very possible to strike a conversation with them. Keep the conversation general; discuss the amount of people in the club, the songs the DJ are playing, or pay them a compliment on how they look!
  • Buy a round for the guys – if it’s a group of guys you’re looking to hang out with for the night, why not offer to buy them a round of pints or shots (if you can afford it)? It automatically puts you in their good books, and they’ll more than likely include you in their conversation. Just obviously don’t keep buying them drinks over and over again!
  • Keep the conversation relevant – don’t go up to a group of people and babble on about something completely irrelevant. If it’s a group of guys, point out a hot woman that you can see, or about the music that the DJ is playing. Or if you’re trying to pick up somebody at the bar, make a remark about how busy the club is, or how great the drinks are. By keeping the conversation natural, and something that everyone can talk about, you’ll find you’ll fit in a lot easier than sparking a random and redundant conversation.


  • Try dancing with a group of girls – most of the time, girls on the dancefloor are on a night out with their girls, and are usually not interested getting with anybody for the night. They tend to want to do some singing and dancing with their friends until its time to take off the heels and grab a kebab. It’s not a personal grudge against you, but they’re probably just having a ‘girl’s night out’.
  • Interrupt a group’s conversation – this can be said for a group of girls that you find attractive, or a group of guys that you want to hang out with. If you can see that a group is mid conversation, or laughing about something, don’t interrupt them; you’ll come across worse for interrupting the flow of their conversation, and they’ll be less inclined to talk to you.
  • Dance your own funky beat on the dancefloor – you are trying to fit in at the end of the day, and if you go dancing like some sort of funky chicken that’s out of time to the DJ’s music, you’re going to look pretty silly pretty quickly. Plus, it’s not exactly a great thing to do if you’re trying to impress somebody too.
  • Try too hard – don’t look like you’re purposefully going out by yourself, and are trying to fit in. While that is what you’re doing, you don’t want that away; you can come across as needy, lonely and creepy if you start trying too hard to have fun. Remember that people get separated from their groups, or might leave their group to get a drink for themselves – this is a perfect opportunity for you to hop in and get involved with their night! Others don’t have to know you’re at the club alone…

Going out alone does take a huge amount of confidence, and it can be extremely challenging to find the right group of people to tag along with, or to even have a good night as it is.

The main point is though that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about clubbing alone; lots of people to do it, and it’s a great way to meet a lot of new people and make new friends! Not to mention that you’re free to explore whichever nightclubs you want to.

A good night isn’t just based on whom you’re with – it’s what you do with your night that determines if it’s good or not.

We Were All Born to Be Wild

motorcycle-410165_960_720By now, you’ve all heard that song before. It’s not a club anthem nor is it suited to any sassy club’s eurhythmics and image. But the song, I feel, is relevant to our lives. Yes folks, we were all born to be wild. If you are one of those who are utterly dull and boring, don’t worry me hearties, your time will come quite unexpectedly. You’ll soon grow tired of being as rigid as a statue and want to loosen up and live it up. Most of the guys and dolls at my many club ventures do it as a matter of life. Not death, because living it up gives them an eternal sense of euphoria.

You also need to play it safe

Speaking of euphoria, I don’t need to remind you that you don’t need drugs for this. Nor do you need excessive amounts of alcohol. In fact, these antidepressants will leave you feeling more glum and much the worse for wear. To be truly wild and live to tell the tale, you need to be in peak condition. Do not for a moment believe the myth that being wild these days means living life dangerously.

Being responsible, as you should be at any one of my gigs, also means playing it safe. Motorcyclist Life, let’s just say, give their readers a head up by reminding them of the importance of keeping it safe on their bikes. Not only because it is a matter of road safety laws, the days of seeing the wild ones motoring past with only their long locks in the wind are long gone. In fact, most of the heavies that pitch up at one of my parties, indoors or outdoors, are all wearing helmets.

Girls are doing the wild things too

Another myth died some years ago. Although it is still a necessary part of our club culture to see slim girls or girls with curves wearing only the sexiest outfits that will do, girls are slowly but surely going where angels fear to tread. They are doing the wild things that guys have been doing for years. The guys at Motorcyclist Life never forgot this. That’s why they’ve devoted some space to the ladies to help them source right-sized girls’ helmets for their own wild sprees.

Having a bike along with all the necessary gear is ideal for clubbing. You create your own aura. When you arrive with your hot rod at the scene of your vibe, heads will always turn. Before you’ve even gone inside you are the center of attraction and the life of the party. It’s a lot cheaper than Lamborghinis and Ferraris anyhow. Of course, getting down to it does not just include clubbing and biking (that’s just part of the trip). You can surely by now think of dozens of ways to let your hair loose and let yourself go.

It’s great that the wild side of life is part of my job. Apart from dealing with bozos, there are no occupational hazards. Stepping up into unchartered territory is no hazard either.


Quality Club Lighting

It’s no secret that the right lighting can set a mood in a place. Have you ever heard about candlelight dinners? Low, soft light like that can be romantic and sweet, just like the bright, flashing lights you find on slot machines in Vegas and elsewhere can agitate people and make them keep playing even when they would normally quit. Can you remember a time at the theater when the lights were on and bright during the movie? Of course you can’t. It’s kind of impressive how much of an effect lighting can have on the way a person perceives something – whether that’s a person, a place or a thing.

This whole lighting issue is something I’m intimately familiar with since I’m often looking for ways to make clubs pop more, or garner more attention, or just appear to be an entertaining place to visit. There are only so many ways to do this though. Playing the latest and greatest music is a start, but it’s also the easiest thing on the list. Featuring special dishes, drinks and other cuisine from around the world is another great way to make a club look good. But that’s a little difficult to work out, especially if you don’t have cooks with experience in foreign foods.

One of the most affordable ways to make people at a club enjoy the setting more is to give them a nice lightshow. There are strobe lights, of course; that’s a classic device that you still find in disco halls (and yes, disco isn’t dead). You’ve also got LED lights, which come in a variety of different setups, like strings, bars and even spheres, like the classic strobe lights. In fact, you can learn more about all the different types of LED lighting setups if you visit and have a look there.

Having the lights doesn’t really teach you how to use them effectively though. For this, you will want to watch any number of videos about other light shows to look for common themes and try to pull ideas from them. In this world, you don’t necessarily have to be unique to stand out, get people’s attention and create a memorable clubbing environment – it is often enough to just do something well which someone else has done in the past. So, yes, trust me on this one; study light shows at clubs if you want to learn how to present a good one.

Of course, this has a cost too. It may not be monetary, but if you can make better use of your time and get more out of it, then you may want to consider spicing up your club through food or music, as was suggested earlier. If possible, improving two or even all three of these aspects of your club simultaneously would obviously have the greatest effect. More than anything, you need to pay attention to your regular demographic – what group of people you get the majority of your customers from on any given night. Catering to them is key.

Dressing up Drinks

If there’s one thing I love at the end of a long day when I just want to relax, it’s a good drink. Nothing too strong, I’m not looking to get wasted on a nightly basis or anything. But a little bite of alcohol does a lot to soothe the nerves and help me to get comfortable. I know it’s that way for a lot of other people too, which is just one reason clubs are so popular. Unless you’re filthy rich (and even when you are sometimes) life kind of sucks now and then, so it’s a nice release. But I don’t drink just anything.

Dressing up DrinksI like to dress up my drinks. That doesn’t mean going to the lengths you see at most bars or clubs, not if I’m just sitting at home and trying to unwind. But it does still mean using exotic ingredients to create a kind of taste sensation in my mouth. Truth is, you can do a lot to change the flavor of a drink, alcoholic or not, just by making small tweaks to the recipe. One of my favorite additions for a drink is zest of some kind – lemon, lime, orange; it all depends on the specific taste I’m looking for. But would you guess what I use to grind up my fruit skins?

You might not believe it, but I actually use an electric microdermabrasion machine to grind up zest for my drinks. Of course, I don’t also use it for cleaning my skin, which is what the device is really for in the first place. I have a second one for that. These machines are designed to grind down calluses and other hard knobs of dead skin with ease, so I figured they would be good for grinding up peels, and it turned out I was right. Now I always keep an extra one handy in my liquor cabinet.

The best part about it is that it does all the grinding for me. I don’t need to keep moving my arms and pushing down on the peel or anything; the machine does it all. And because they were made for use on skin, they also have these nice attached containers that are there to catch whatever gets ground up and passed through. I don’t spill zest anywhere and I can easily see how much I have, so I know when to stop. If this all sounds good to you, check out to check them out yourself.

I mean, hand graters still work, even if they’re a pain to clean. But it’s almost as if these microdermabrasion machines were made for this instead of scraping skin. The oil from the peels keeps the blades inside the grinder lubricated and working perfectly. I’ve never needed to oil mine the whole time I owned it. But it hasn’t really been more than a year, so I can’t say for sure if that statement will still hold up in another few months.

Remote Clubs

Clubs have always been around, even if they weren’t called clubs back in the day. Nightspots, gathering places, taverns, pubs, bars; places where people can get together to enjoy good music, good food and good company are a thing which is practically synonymous with civilization. For just as long, there have also been private clubs which only catered to certain people rather than anyone who would walk in. There have also been clubs which aren’t necessarily easy to get to – remote clubs that sort of test how badly someone really wants to see them by being in the middle of nowhere.

These remote clubs can’t do business if they don’t actually have people coming and going, so it’s not like they’re on the tops of mountains or inside the mouths of volcanoes or anything. But it’s not rare at all to see clubs that might be on the sides of rivers that are constantly rolling in one direction or another. Most of these may not be the kinds of clubs I’m used to seeing, visiting or promoting, but that doesn’t make them any less of gathering places where people go to meet. I can even think of a few good examples right off the top of my head here.

The United States is packed with rivers, and happens to be a good location for finding remote clubs because of it. You don’t necessarily need to row your trusty kayak down any rivers to get to the River Club of Mequon in Wisconsin, but you could certainly get there by water if you preferred. It might even be faster than driving since there’s Mequon is basically a textbook example of a remote location. Of course, there are remote clubs all over the world, not just in the United States. Let’s look at Europe.

Remote ClubsEurope’s night scene as a whole is one of the best in the world, and there are remote clubs to be found in populous cities like Paris, Amsterdam and even Budapest. The best way to see as many of these clubs as possible in one run would probably be for you to sign up for one of the various river cruises which run through the continent every year. Of course, you could always take to the waters yourself if you had a decent watercraft to do it. You can get more information here about smaller, personal watercraft if sitting on a larger boat doesn’t suit you.

While you’re out and about searching for remote clubs around the world, there’s just one piece of advice I can give that you should keep in mind. The difficulty in getting to a club is not necessarily reflective of how enjoyable that club scene will be. Even today, club owners will randomly deny patrons entry, just to make it appear that their clubs are more exclusive and therefore “better” than other clubs in the area.  You have to be able to look at a club, or any destination really, and decide if the work needed to get there is actually worth getting there.

The Best Food For A Perfect Night Out

Going out and clubbing all night long is not the healthiest thing you can do, and it definitely won’t go easy on your stomach. But people seem to ignore the fact that even when you’re out, drinking and having fun, you have to eat. And it’s not only that, you have to be careful about what you’re about to ingest.

Being under influence might result in the following two things: you’ll go the whole night without eating anything, or you’ll get so hungry you’ll take the first thing that’s offered. Either way, it’s not good. You have to realize one simple fact – eating something that’s good for your organism will take you a long way. You’ll probably end up having the best time of your life. So here is my perfect menu for an extra fun night out.

Minced meat sandwich with Greek yoghurt

It’s only natural that after a long and sweaty night out, we tend to crave something extra greasy. It’s our bodies’ way of telling us that they need an injection of protein and all the other nutrients. And I’m not saying this should be completely avoided, but it’s a fact that such food won’t go easy on your stomach. What I’m proposing is a compromise, inspired by one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had, and although you might not believe me, it involved a meat grinder, the kind you can find reviewed on Best Meat Grinder Reviews.

When I was in Serbia a couple of years ago, they gave me this minced meat sandwich that was absolutely divine. I asked what their secret was, and they told me they grind their own meat. Since I’d fallen in love with the sandwich, and wanted to know how it’s made, I asked them to teach me. They showed me the whole process of mincing meat, preparing it and making the sandwich. I later even bought this beauty:, and continued making it for myself. But what I was trying to say is this – I didn’t eat just the sandwich. They also served Greek yoghurt, which I believe makes the perfect combination that will satisfy your need for something greasy, without going hard on your stomach.

Finger food

Yes, you’ll need to eat before going out, as well. And I believe that, although it depends on what it’s made of, finger food in general is the ultimate food for this specific purpose. We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is not good for the health, but not many of us listen. People have even conducted studies to determine what type of food should be ingested before drinking, and it turns out it’s the food with a natural fat content, like avocado, salmon, and other stuff you’ll generally find as ingredients in canapés, for example.

Frittata with vegetables and goat cheese

As if it’s not complicated enough, I strongly recommend to have a light and healthy breakfast after you’ve slept on it. Although there are many different variations to choose from, my favorite is this tasty frittata with just a bit of goat cheese.

Tips for making a jazz party

Organizing a party and its promotion are not jobs that can be done overnight. That’s why I often guest in other people’s clubs. It is simply impossible to make a good party in your club every night. At other clubs, I meet people who might be guests of my club, and I get the inspiration. Exactly in this way, I came up with the idea to make a jazz party. Since I had already gone through the process of developing ideas, I would like to share with you what you need to organize such an event.

Motive. For some people, going out to a club is meant (I’m the example). Some others need a reason to go to the party. I love jazz, but it is not popular in wide circles of people like some modern music. So, here is very important to choose a good motive for a party. It can be a birthday of a famous jazz musician, a thematic evening devoted to jazz lovers or for those that are engaged in playing the trumpet, professional or amateur. The trumpets like these that can be found on are just one piece of the jazz puzzle.

Music. When you create a jazz party, music is a central part of the story. The aim of this gathering is to provide jazz lovers enjoy the music with a good time. If you are not familiar with jazz, then you need to engage someone who is better acquainted with this kind of music. Perhaps it is a better idea to hire a jazz orchestra. That way, you will provide your public a true jazz experience, with professional musicians, on professional instruments like these. For me personally, nothing can replace live music, especially when it comes to jazz.

Costumes. If you really want the atmosphere of the 20’s in your club, then the costumes are an indispensable part which should be taken into account. Going to this party is not a costume party. Men will need details in the form of suit and necktie. For the female population, the main details will be beads and feathers.

Food. Whether you are going to organize the food on  the party, depends again on your ideas and your audience. For an older audience, it is better afforded a place at the table when you can serve food on the plates, while the younger audience will more likely to enjoy in each other commotion. Then it is better to choose a Swedish table and something that can be eaten with fingers.

The decor is another way to complete the atmosphere in your club. What you need is a bit of retro details or those in the form of the trumpet, saxophone, notes, piano, gramophone records, feathers and hats.

Jazz Party is not something that will be a daily hit, but can be an interesting experience. It requires a lot of knowledge, inspiration, and planning. Inspiration can be found in music, movies on the subject, books, on some website. Finally, there is the hard part – you need to animate people, intrigue them and make them come to your club. If you are a good club promoter, then you surely already have your tricks for that!

The Weirdest Night Clubs In All Of Europe

While traveling to many different places from all around the world I have really seen some weird, but interesting night clubs. I need to share that with you so, here is my list.

Club in a cave

During my visit to Europe, I have visited a club that is built into the natural caves situated on a huge rock cliff next to the sea. This club has numerous caves, openings and outcrops looking out onto the sea. Visiting these caves has been a great experience, apart from the part when I had to climb for some time to get there, but it was amazing watching the sunset while sipping a cold drink.

Ever drank a beer inside a tree?

I have done that when I was once at the club built inside a tree. You heard me right, the club is inside a huge hollowed out tree. The capacity of the club is small, but it has some kind of a special charm since the leitmotiv is all about the mythical creatures, so the interior is quite interesting. Everything is made out of wood, even beer and cocktail glasses.

Rainforest club

Since I am talking about trees, it reminded me of one pretty weird club I have visited. It is full of trees and plants, mostly tropical. Inside the club, there are huge aquariums with rare kinds of fishes, and that is really the most impressive thing. Aquariums reach from one wall to the other and they’ve put so much effort into the details, like the castles and decorations inside the aquariums. I have also noticed big canister filters inside the aquariums, such as these:, which is good, since I believe the fish couldn’t live without them.

The whole idea behind it is that you feel like you have come to the rainforest and the owners of the club really made it that way. Also, thumbs up for the big canister filters, since they probably make maintaining the place much easier. All in all, the trees, plants and fish in this club distracted me with their beauty so much that I almost forgot to drink and dance.

Dance-for-climate club

The one club where I did not forget to dance is the club where you need to dance to save the world. While in that club, you really have to dance, since the club’s power is generated from the dancers on the dance floor. All you need to do there is to keep on partying and that way you are saving the environment. Apart from using dancing as a source of energy, everything else about this club is eco-friendly as well.

Circus labyrinth club

If you have ever dreamed about clubbing in a circus, this is the right place for you. This club is pretty wild and besides the big outside area, kitsch decorations and many dance floors, there is also a huge and very real labyrinth. While in this club, I have listened to the most bizarre music and met the most bizarre people. psychedelic vibe makes it a really interesting place to visit, even though it is not placesclubs,f the weirdest.

The challenge of getting clubbers to shoot straight and narrow

Dealing with drunks at my party events is one of the most frustrating occupational hazards of my hectic line of work which I have committed myself to. Picking up on earlier posts related to the problem of drunkenness at clubs and suggestions on how clubbers can continue to be exuberant on or around the dance floor while, let’s just say, twisting their sobriety, I’d like to share my frustration, what I’ve done in the past to overcome them and continue to do to combat this dangerous form of behavior, and leave you with a thought on how to take care of yourself, with or without a glass in your hand.

Twist in my sobriety

Let’s start with that unusual turn of phrase. New Zealand-born folk singer, Tanita Tikaram, wrote this song some years back. Essentially a melodic folk number, it became extremely popular world-wide and DJs quickly revamped the song into an epic dance number. The adverb in this song’s title, when applied to those who have acknowledged a chronic dependence on alcohol, is usually used as a mark of pride for staying sober.

My frustrations

Most of us are not alcoholics, but some of you out there find it difficult to restrain yourself. I’m not sure if this has something to do with your nervous inability to adjust to the hectic club vibe and crowds, but there are usually a number of understandable reasons for not adhering to the legal limits. Anyway, my frustration is confined to the few rabble-rousers whose only mission in life is to spoil the party for others. In order to make their performance as theatrical as possible, they usually drink as much of the hard tack that they can get away with.

Dealing with the hazards

These days I handle the stress expertly. I’ve combined my newly acquired martial arts skills well with my quick, intuitive thinking. I’m able to think quickly on my feet and eject the mis-fitting drunk from the venue without hurting him. I don’t need legal hassles in my life too. Of course, I squeeze breaks in when I can, so dancing also helps. I drive around a lot, so, whether I’m working or playing, you are never going to see me over the limit.

I eat and sleep well too, and I don’t need drugs to boost or relax me either. I enjoy the company of gorgeous ladies, but I always play it safe there too. Such responsible and practical life skills help me cope with the occupational hazard of dealing with drunks.

Take good care of yourself

Arbalist Zone is not another night club, but it is one of many places you can go to online to learn how to invigorate your life and help you take better care of yourself, particularly when you are out late at night at a club, just as you should be. And please, girls and boys don’t drink and drive.

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