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The 5 Very Best Night Clubs in USA worth Giving a Shot

You can party and have fun anywhere. Play some good music, turn the volume up, get a bottle and find some nice company – you’re all set up for a fun night!

But if you’re searching for an intense, exciting summer night-out or weekend escapade, I suggest you hit up into a dance party nightclub. These destinations are where you can find the real party vibe – huge crowds, thumping beats, and booze till you drop.

From New York to Denver to Chicago to Las Vegas to San Francisco, I’ve partied at pretty much every city across the country. And every city has its own unique, interesting club, but some venues really stand out.

What makes these clubs “hot” is a mishmash of many factors – the ambiance, the sound system, the brand of music, and the line-up of DJs, musicians, and artists.  Let me share to you five of the best night clubs that will make your night go with a bang!

Pacha, New York

The sprawling 3,000-person capacity superclub – Pacha – is Manhattan’s newest playground. Having dominated the party scene in the Mediterranean since the 70s, Pacha has grown to be a global face of hedonistic glamour. Much like its outposts in Munich, London, Syndey and Ibiza, Pacha NY draws capacity crowds due to its superb party experience.

Pacha NY has remained the best superclub in this part of the country. And despite the upcoming launch of other large label nightclubs, Pacha stays on top of its game. The nightclub boasts of a thumping sound system, one-of-a-kind lineups, great venue, competent and professional staff, and practical location. Pacha also serves the most popular cocktails for partygoers. I won’t wonder why it is among the top destinations for tri-state ravers.

Whether it’s techno, bangers, or electro, the lively vibe at Pacha NY is definitely unmatched. The superclub is all about great music and fun. Some may find some issues with Pacha such as the absence of a dress code policy and VIP bottle service. But only few clubs come close to the party experience the club guarantees.

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Top 10 Most Served Cocktails in the World

Whether you are in a bar, a club or just at home, the party won’t be complete without cocktail drinks. While everyone has his or her own all-time favorite, it’s never a bad idea to experiment on different mixes to discover which one gives the best kick.

There are virtually countless recipes for cocktails for you to try. Cocktails are a mix of alcoholic beverages that contain three or more ingredients usually water, sugar, a bitter or sour flavor, and a spirit. Some cocktail recipes contain more than two kinds of spirits and are added with odd mixers such as cream, herbs, milk or honey.

Every nightclub has its own house cocktail specialties or bestsellers – and I know they are worth a try. Let me share with you some of the most commonly served and well-loved cocktails around the world.

  1. Mojito

On top of my list will definitely be the Cuban drink – Mojito. It’s a refreshing and excellent mix of sweet, sour and bitter ingredients. It contains sugar, white rum, mint leaves, lime, club soda, and sweat and sour mix. Crushed ice completes the recipe.

  1. Bloody Mary

The well-loved tomato juice cocktail is a concoction of tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and celery salt. It’s best served in tall glass. Its color resembles blood, so don’t wonder why it’s called such.

  1. Martini

An iconic cocktail recipe, the Martini is prepared in a shaker contains gin, dry vermouth, and olive. Making some changes and adding ingredients in the classic recipe creates different variations such as the Apple Martini or the Perfect Martini.

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Different Types of Dancers You’ll See at the Clubs

I’ve seen different types of club-goers – the party animals, the clown, the texter, the awkward couple, the kid who just tried his first alcohol, the guy who has just been dumped, and many more.  But more interestingly, I’ve probably seen all types of dancers one can run into at the clubs.

I guess at every bar, nightclub or dance floor, you can find these dancers showing off their dancing prowess, shaking off their booty. I really don’t know how to categorize my dancing skills but here are the top five dancers I normally hang out with at clubs.

  1. The Natural Dancer

Some people are born to dance. They have the moves. They dance so good, they don’t care how awful the music is. Once they start dancing, they turn the dance floor into their stage. They’re like auditioning for a dance competition or for So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone just looks bad when they dance, and we ultimately hate them. Yes, they are entertaining but for god’s sake it’s a nightclub not some dance competition.

  1. The Non-Dancer Trying To Be A Dancer

You know what I mean. These guys know they can’t dance but still does maybe for a friend or a girl or his pride. You can see from their faces that they are uncomfortable with what they’re doing but they just go on nonetheless. Their eyes are rolling around, copying other’s dance moves. If you relate to this dancer, don’t worry, they make up about 60% of the dancers at the club.

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