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So Who’s A Club Promoter and What They Do?

Being a club promoter is one of the great ways to have fun and entertainment  and turn them into a profit. That’s why I love this job. However, many people may not know what it means to be a club promoter, which are the obligations and how  they make money. So, let’s dispel a fog surrounding this profession and explain who is a  club promoter and what they do.

What is a club promoter?

Basically, club promoter is primarily a lover of parties,  who has a very wide circle of friends and makes new acquaintances easily. Club promoters use their connections with people in order to invite them to a party and earn money that way. It seems simple, right? Just say, “Hey guys, there’s a good party, let’s have fun.”

Well, maybe, if it is the only party that takes place in your city. But most often it is not! That is why the job of  the club promoter requires much more skill than just calling for a good time. He should be fully aware of the working style of one club and to know what makes a successful nightclub. Only then, it can convince people that his club is exactly what they need for good entertainment. In some way, the job of the club promoter is a classic trade, only instead of the product he offers a good time.

Can anyone be a club promoter?

Although the job of a club promoter appears simple, it is not a job for everyone. A good club promoter must be ambitious, and he need to like entertainment, socializing with people and to be assertive and charismatic. This job looks as a fun, but the successful club promoter will take care of its development. He will seek new ways to promote the club and to convince owners of the club that he is a true promoter for them.

He will learn to access people on the not irritating way. It is great to make money in this way – bring a few friends, get a free drink in a super club. But to be successful, it is necessary to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances, to know the club and what kind of people gathers there and what is the nightclub dress code. All this can be important when you are calling people to the party.

Can a club promoter really make money?

A job of club promoter brings money, otherwise we would not talk about this as a profession, but about a simple lover of parties. There are several ways in which the club promoter can earn money from the nightclub visit.

One way of earning is per head. For every person who comes to a party, a club promoter has a certain amount of money. Logically, the more people – more money. How much money he can earn depends on the type of people who are invited to the party. Experienced promoter has in his circle of acquaintances respected people and models, and its income can be even 100 $ per head.

In addition to earnings per head, there may be flat earnings that promoter agreed with the owner of the club. On the one hand, it is a guaranteed way to make money. On the other hand, if the response is good, the promoter can earn more if it works per head.

The third way is earning from selling drinks. Club promoter brings the people who spend money at the bar or at a table, and takes a percentage of sales.

Advantages and disadvantages of this job

For lovers of nightlife, the advantage of such a job is obvious. In this way, they can have fun, meet people and be paid for that. What will attract people to keep coming back to the same club, and thus make continuous profits, is the charm and charisma of the club promoter. Successful people in this business become popular and celebrities in the certain people circles.

Every business, in addition to the bright side, has another side of the coin. It’s like walking on the steep stairs. Effort and work will bring the dizzy success. But the night life involves living with vices. You will replace the day and night, which was not the healthiest lifestyle, but there are also alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. If you want to be part of such a job and the crowd, then you need to monitor your own steps. If you are not strong enough, easily you’ll roll down the stairs.

How to be a successful club promoter?

A successful club promoter will always  find a way to make progress in its work, and to develop a strategy for attracting people and creating crowds. What brings the progress in this business? It brings new responsibilities and more money.

Good club promoters often become party promoters. Being a party promoter requires some organizational skills, not just acquaintances, as well as investing money in the organization, DJ, and other staff.

This promotion requires more knowledge, greater risk, but it makes more profit. Party promoter can earn up to $ 10,000 for the evening. However, the organization of one party involves much more time, not just one night.

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Different Types of Dancers You’ll See at the Clubs

I’ve seen different types of club-goers – the party animals, the clown, the texter, the awkward couple, the kid who just tried his first alcohol, the guy who has just been dumped, and many more.  But more interestingly, I’ve probably seen all types of dancers one can run into at the clubs.

I guess at every bar, nightclub or dance floor, you can find these dancers showing off their dancing prowess, shaking off their booty. I really don’t know how to categorize my dancing skills but here are the top five dancers I normally hang out with at clubs.

  1. The Natural Dancer

Some people are born to dance. They have the moves. They dance so good, they don’t care how awful the music is. Once they start dancing, they turn the dance floor into their stage. They’re like auditioning for a dance competition or for So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone just looks bad when they dance, and we ultimately hate them. Yes, they are entertaining but for god’s sake it’s a nightclub not some dance competition.

  1. The Non-Dancer Trying To Be A Dancer

You know what I mean. These guys know they can’t dance but still does maybe for a friend or a girl or his pride. You can see from their faces that they are uncomfortable with what they’re doing but they just go on nonetheless. Their eyes are rolling around, copying other’s dance moves. If you relate to this dancer, don’t worry, they make up about 60% of the dancers at the club.

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Top 10 Most Served Cocktails in the World

Whether you are in a bar, a club or just at home, the party won’t be complete without cocktail drinks. While everyone has his or her own all-time favorite, it’s never a bad idea to experiment on different mixes to discover which one gives the best kick.

There are virtually countless recipes for cocktails for you to try. Cocktails are a mix of alcoholic beverages that contain three or more ingredients usually water, sugar, a bitter or sour flavor, and a spirit. Some cocktail recipes contain more than two kinds of spirits and are added with odd mixers such as cream, herbs, milk or honey.

Every nightclub has its own house cocktail specialties or bestsellers – and I know they are worth a try. Let me share with you some of the most commonly served and well-loved cocktails around the world.

  1. Mojito

On top of my list will definitely be the Cuban drink – Mojito. It’s a refreshing and excellent mix of sweet, sour and bitter ingredients. It contains sugar, white rum, mint leaves, lime, club soda, and sweat and sour mix. Crushed ice completes the recipe.

  1. Bloody Mary

The well-loved tomato juice cocktail is a concoction of tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper and celery salt. It’s best served in tall glass. Its color resembles blood, so don’t wonder why it’s called such.

  1. Martini

An iconic cocktail recipe, the Martini is prepared in a shaker contains gin, dry vermouth, and olive. Making some changes and adding ingredients in the classic recipe creates different variations such as the Apple Martini or the Perfect Martini.

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The 5 Very Best Night Clubs in USA worth Giving a Shot

You can party and have fun anywhere. Play some good music, turn the volume up, get a bottle and find some nice company – you’re all set up for a fun night!

But if you’re searching for an intense, exciting summer night-out or weekend escapade, I suggest you hit up into a dance party nightclub. These destinations are where you can find the real party vibe – huge crowds, thumping beats, and booze till you drop.

From New York to Denver to Chicago to Las Vegas to San Francisco, I’ve partied at pretty much every city across the country. And every city has its own unique, interesting club, but some venues really stand out.

What makes these clubs “hot” is a mishmash of many factors – the ambiance, the sound system, the brand of music, and the line-up of DJs, musicians, and artists.  Let me share to you five of the best night clubs that will make your night go with a bang!

Pacha, New York

The sprawling 3,000-person capacity superclub – Pacha – is Manhattan’s newest playground. Having dominated the party scene in the Mediterranean since the 70s, Pacha has grown to be a global face of hedonistic glamour. Much like its outposts in Munich, London, Syndey and Ibiza, Pacha NY draws capacity crowds due to its superb party experience.

Pacha NY has remained the best superclub in this part of the country. And despite the upcoming launch of other large label nightclubs, Pacha stays on top of its game. The nightclub boasts of a thumping sound system, one-of-a-kind lineups, great venue, competent and professional staff, and practical location. Pacha also serves the most popular cocktails for partygoers. I won’t wonder why it is among the top destinations for tri-state ravers.

Whether it’s techno, bangers, or electro, the lively vibe at Pacha NY is definitely unmatched. The superclub is all about great music and fun. Some may find some issues with Pacha such as the absence of a dress code policy and VIP bottle service. But only few clubs come close to the party experience the club guarantees.

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Tips for making a jazz party

Organizing a party and its promotion are not jobs that can be done overnight. That’s why I often guest in other people’s clubs. It is simply impossible to make a good party in your club every night. At other clubs, I meet people who might be guests of my club, and I get the inspiration. Exactly in this way, I came up with the idea to make a jazz party. Since I had already gone through the process of developing ideas, I would like to share with you what you need to organize such an event.

Motive. For some people, going out to a club is meant (I’m the example). Some others need a reason to go to the party. I love jazz, but it is not popular in wide circles of people like some modern music. So, here is very important to choose a good motive for a party. It can be a birthday of a famous jazz musician, a thematic evening devoted to jazz lovers or for those that are engaged in playing the trumpet, professional or amateur. The trumpets like these that can be found on Trumpet hub are just one piece of the jazz puzzle.

Music. When you create a jazz party, music is a central part of the story. The aim of this gathering is to provide jazz lovers enjoy the music with a good time. If you are not familiar with jazz, then you need to engage someone who is better acquainted with this kind of music. Perhaps it is a better idea to hire a jazz orchestra. That way, you will provide your public a true jazz experience, with professional musicians, on professional instruments like these. For me personally, nothing can replace live music, especially when it comes to jazz.

Costumes. If you really want the atmosphere of the 20’s in your club, then the costumes are an indispensable part which should be taken into account. Going to this party is not a costume party. Men will need details in the form of suit and necktie. For the female population, the main details will be beads and feathers.

Food. Whether you are going to organize the food on  the party, depends again on your ideas and your audience. For an older audience, it is better afforded a place at the table when you can serve food on the plates, while the younger audience will more likely to enjoy in each other commotion. Then it is better to choose a Swedish table and something that can be eaten with fingers.

The decor is another way to complete the atmosphere in your club. What you need is a bit of retro details or those in the form of the trumpet, saxophone, notes, piano, gramophone records, feathers and hats.

Jazz Party is not something that will be a daily hit, but can be an interesting experience. It requires a lot of knowledge, inspiration, and planning. Inspiration can be found in music, movies on the subject, books, on some website. Finally, there is the hard part – you need to animate people, intrigue them and make them come to your club. If you are a good club promoter, then you surely already have your tricks for that!

The Weirdest Night Clubs In All Of Europe

While traveling to many different places from all around the world I have really seen some weird, but interesting night clubs. I need to share that with you so, here is my list.

Club in a cave

During my visit to Europe, I have visited a club that is built into the natural caves situated on a huge rock cliff next to the sea. This club has numerous caves, openings and outcrops looking out onto the sea. Visiting these caves has been a great experience, apart from the part when I had to climb for some time to get there, but it was amazing watching the sunset while sipping a cold drink.

Ever drank a beer inside a tree?

I have done that when I was once at the club built inside a tree. You heard me right, the club is inside a huge hollowed out tree. The capacity of the club is small, but it has some kind of a special charm since the leitmotiv is all about the mythical creatures, so the interior is quite interesting. Everything is made out of wood, even beer and cocktail glasses.

Rainforest club

Since I am talking about trees, it reminded me of one pretty weird club I have visited. It is full of trees and plants, mostly tropical. Inside the club, there are huge aquariums with rare kinds of fishes, and that is really the most impressive thing. Aquariums reach from one wall to the other and they’ve put so much effort into the details, like the castles and decorations inside the aquariums. I have also noticed big canister filters inside the aquariums, such as these:, which is good, since I believe the fish couldn’t live without them.

The whole idea behind it is that you feel like you have come to the rainforest and the owners of the club really made it that way. Also, thumbs up for the big canister filters, since they probably make maintaining the place much easier. All in all, the trees, plants and fish in this club distracted me with their beauty so much that I almost forgot to drink and dance.

Dance-for-climate club

The one club where I did not forget to dance is the club where you need to dance to save the world. While in that club, you really have to dance, since the club’s power is generated from the dancers on the dance floor. All you need to do there is to keep on partying and that way you are saving the environment. Apart from using dancing as a source of energy, everything else about this club is eco-friendly as well.

Circus labyrinth club

If you have ever dreamed about clubbing in a circus, this is the right place for you. This club is pretty wild and besides the big outside area, kitsch decorations and many dance floors, there is also a huge and very real labyrinth. While in this club, I have listened to the most bizarre music and met the most bizarre people. psychedelic vibe makes it a really interesting place to visit, even though it is not placesclubs,f the weirdest.

The Best Food For A Perfect Night Out

Going out and clubbing all night long is not the healthiest thing you can do, and it definitely won’t go easy on your stomach. But people seem to ignore the fact that even when you’re out, drinking and having fun, you have to eat. And it’s not only that, you have to be careful about what you’re about to ingest.

Being under influence might result in the following two things: you’ll go the whole night without eating anything, or you’ll get so hungry you’ll take the first thing that’s offered. Either way, it’s not good. You have to realize one simple fact – eating something that’s good for your organism will take you a long way. You’ll probably end up having the best time of your life. So here is my perfect menu for an extra fun night out.

Minced meat sandwich with Greek yoghurt

It’s only natural that after a long and sweaty night out, we tend to crave something extra greasy. It’s our bodies’ way of telling us that they need an injection of protein and all the other nutrients. And I’m not saying this should be completely avoided, but it’s a fact that such food won’t go easy on your stomach. What I’m proposing is a compromise, inspired by one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had, and although you might not believe me, it involved a meat grinder, the kind you can find reviewed on Best Meat Grinder Reviews.

When I was in Serbia a couple of years ago, they gave me this minced meat sandwich that was absolutely divine. I asked what their secret was, and they told me they grind their own meat. Since I’d fallen in love with the sandwich, and wanted to know how it’s made, I asked them to teach me. They showed me the whole process of mincing meat, preparing it and making the sandwich. I later even bought this beauty:, and continued making it for myself. But what I was trying to say is this – I didn’t eat just the sandwich. They also served Greek yoghurt, which I believe makes the perfect combination that will satisfy your need for something greasy, without going hard on your stomach.

Finger food

Yes, you’ll need to eat before going out, as well. And I believe that, although it depends on what it’s made of, finger food in general is the ultimate food for this specific purpose. We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is not good for the health, but not many of us listen. People have even conducted studies to determine what type of food should be ingested before drinking, and it turns out it’s the food with a natural fat content, like avocado, salmon, and other stuff you’ll generally find as ingredients in canapés, for example.

Frittata with vegetables and goat cheese

As if it’s not complicated enough, I strongly recommend to have a light and healthy breakfast after you’ve slept on it. Although there are many different variations to choose from, my favorite is this tasty frittata with just a bit of goat cheese.

The challenge of getting clubbers to shoot straight and narrow

Dealing with drunks at my party events is one of the most frustrating occupational hazards of my hectic line of work which I have committed myself to. Picking up on earlier posts related to the problem of drunkenness at clubs and suggestions on how clubbers can continue to be exuberant on or around the dance floor while, let’s just say, twisting their sobriety, I’d like to share my frustration, what I’ve done in the past to overcome them and continue to do to combat this dangerous form of behavior, and leave you with a thought on how to take care of yourself, with or without a glass in your hand.

Twist in my sobriety

Let’s start with that unusual turn of phrase. New Zealand-born folk singer, Tanita Tikaram, wrote this song some years back. Essentially a melodic folk number, it became extremely popular world-wide and DJs quickly revamped the song into an epic dance number. The adverb in this song’s title, when applied to those who have acknowledged a chronic dependence on alcohol, is usually used as a mark of pride for staying sober.

My frustrations

Most of us are not alcoholics, but some of you out there find it difficult to restrain yourself. I’m not sure if this has something to do with your nervous inability to adjust to the hectic club vibe and crowds, but there are usually a number of understandable reasons for not adhering to the legal limits. Anyway, my frustration is confined to the few rabble-rousers whose only mission in life is to spoil the party for others. In order to make their performance as theatrical as possible, they usually drink as much of the hard tack that they can get away with.

Dealing with the hazards

These days I handle the stress expertly. I’ve combined my newly acquired martial arts skills well with my quick, intuitive thinking. I’m able to think quickly on my feet and eject the mis-fitting drunk from the venue without hurting him. I don’t need legal hassles in my life too. Of course, I squeeze breaks in when I can, so dancing also helps. I drive around a lot, so, whether I’m working or playing, you are never going to see me over the limit.

I eat and sleep well too, and I don’t need drugs to boost or relax me either. I enjoy the company of gorgeous ladies, but I always play it safe there too. Such responsible and practical life skills help me cope with the occupational hazard of dealing with drunks.

Take good care of yourself

Arbalist Zone is not another night club, but it is one of many places you can go to online to learn how to invigorate your life and help you take better care of yourself, particularly when you are out late at night at a club, just as you should be. And please, girls and boys don’t drink and drive.

Brazil – host of the world’s biggest party

Where is the biggest party in the world? Even those who are not involved in organizing parties and club promotions know that it is in Brazil. Carnival in Rio is an event that every serious club promoter needs to see. And realistically, against such pervasive parties in the streets, scantily dressed girls, colorful costumes, sequins and colors, parties in clubs around the world are pale. Going to Rio has been always amazing. And it always reminds me how much I have to learn about my job.

Brazil is a lively country, famous for many things. Carnival in Rio is one of them and for me, it is almost synonymous for this country. When I went to Brazil, I saw that it is a mixture of various great things. Many miracles are located in Brazil – the biggest river Amazon, the largest rainforest, the biggest statue of Jesus above Rio, the biggest beach, the biggest party. Brazil is a great place to meet many people. And spreading friendships is something that is my profession and duty, not only pleasure and habit.

Although I visited Brazil during Carnival when the samba is in the foreground, the people I met draw my attention to other things. One friend of mine introduced me with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and took me to the training to experience this kind of fighting. Brazil is not known only by colorful costumes and dancing. Jiu Jitsu is another jewel in the necklace of this multicolored country. My friend explained to me why it is important to have a good gi and why my track suit is not good enough for fighting. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art which uses fighting techniques that require concentration and attention, and allow those who have weaker body structure to deal with those who are strong. The aim of the fight is to catch the opponent for a gi, knock him to the ground and finish the fight.

Since I never practiced BJJ, I did not want to try this technique in the fight with the man. So I practiced on the grappling dummy, which was simulating my partner. It’s really great for practicing Jiu Jitsu techniques. Some of the best grappling dummies can be found here: Where there is a crowd, the probability that you come into conflict with someone is greater. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can certainly be helpful in such situations.

I read somewhere that in Brazil, 70% of the population are younger than 30 years. This aging population is most prone to parties. They simply like to have fun and know how to do it. During the carnival in Rio, partying on the streets lasts for several days. The main carnival, which is actually a kind of parade of the samba schools, is only a fraction of the atmosphere. True, it is the most glamorous part. However, throughout the city, there are so many events, individual parties, and balls. It’s a hard count them all.

Going to Rio is the right thing if you want to change your monotonous life for a few days. There is partying everywhere. I like to be where the fun is. In this sense, Brazil is the country of my dreams!

Top 3 LA nightclubs to visit for a great night club experience

I was recently in Los Angeles visiting the hot and happening nightclubs in the region. The sheer variety found there had me surprised. No wonder the place is popular for its nightclubs. Whether it is the trendy Downtown beats or Hollywood velvet ropes, you can have a wide variety of flavor.

The city has both exclusive venues and incognito hangouts too. If you like hipster parties Echo Park, Silver Lake and Downtown are the places to go. The SunSet Strip is for the trendy crowd, while you can find hot spots for college students too. All in all the afterhours entertainment is just above any expectation you have about the city. Some of the most popular places in Los Angeles include,


Launched in the year 2006, this place became quite a rage in a few years’ time. With Brent Bolthouse, the famous promoter at its helm, the lively club attracts the elite crown from Hollywood.

Disco ballThe modern décor (midcentury) features quaint coffee tables made of wood contrasting with the leather couches in white, while the bars and dance floor remain the entertainment hub of the place. If you are looking for a personal space to know the women who frequent here, the outdoor patio is the spot to go.

But there is only one hitch. Getting in is not simple. Even if your name is on the day’s guest list it cannot guarantee entry as the place gets packed pretty soon.

One way out of this dilemma is reserving the bottle service which would instantly give you access to mingle with the waitresses, starlets and enjoy a nice location. While I did enjoy the nightlife here, I had the opportunity to experience the most fun filled and cool barbecue party at my friend’s place. He had a special Electric Smoker , which produced the most amazing grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted.

Les Deux

Owned by Dolce Group, this popular LA hangout includes Geisha House and Ketchup House. You can enjoy the European ambience here with half of the venue in open air under the bright stars, while the other half being indoors. The highlight of the place is the outdoor grotto that features a fountain and projector run French films setting the mood for a cool night out.

If single you’d find it hard to get past the bouncers, but when you are with a group of girls they readily let go the velvet rope. I did not have any problem as we were in a group consisting of men and women. We had been enjoying the outdoors all day long in the countryside and had a blissful afternoon barbecue, which had me thinking of buying a smoker like my friend had. He suggested I take a look at the nice pellet smokers such as in this website to make a better choice.


While this hangout looks quite tame outside, once you enter you are engulfed by the 1920s Hollywood décor complete with crystal chandeliers and oil paintings. While the dance floor doesn’t leave much space for dancing, the DJs put up a splendid fare all days of the week. You can find the best of Hollywood including actors, producers and agents here. Make sure you are there before the clock strikes

Alcohol Doesn’t Mix with Everything

Today I want to do something a little different. Or I guess it’s the same thing I always do here, talking about some thing or another. But instead of clubs, I’d like to take some time to stress that alcohol doesn’t mix with everything. Unless you don’t drink for religious or health reasons, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying beer, wine or liquor responsibly. But that’s the key part – doing it responsibly. Everyone already knows that driving a motor vehicle drunk isn’t just stupid, it’s also an activity packed with unnecessary risks where lots of people can get hurt. This is usually how it goes with alcohol.

So of course, you shouldn’t mix together alcohol and driving. That’s a given, it’s just too dangerous and too stupid a thing to do. The only problem is that a drunken mind doesn’t work anything like a sober one; it can’t look at the world around it and shy away from a bad idea. With the lack of inhibition brought on by alcohol, there are no bad ideas in the minds of some drunks. This is the really bad part, the sort of Catch 22; how does the drunken mind know not to do what the sober mind knows not to do? In many people, it doesn’t.

This is why I want to do a little public service here and stress that alcohol doesn’t mix with everything. Driving, that’s a given. But there are other things. Swimming comes to mind as something you should never do under the effects of alcohol. It’s a shame too, because I bet the same people who would have a shot or two to beat the cold this winter are some of the same people who would take a dip in their heated pools too. You could learn more here about good example of pool heater if you want, but none of them will be any help when you’re drowning because you can’t get your bearings.

Alcohol Doesnt Mix with Everything-1

It’s not a pretty picture – I don’t even want to think about it. But these things happen, and knowing that, someone has to speak up so they hopefully don’t happen as often. It’s not just limited to swimming pools either. Sure, water heated with a large and high quality pool heater is a lot more inviting than the ice cold kind that’s frozen solid on top, but there are people who jump into freezing lakes once a year just for the hell of it. If you ask me, you kind of have to be drinking to try something so stupid. Whether the water is hot or cold though, you really shouldn’t go swimming in such a state.

There are many other things you shouldn’t do while drunk too, but none of them are as inherently dangerous to you or other people as operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery, or taking a swim. I’ve heard that mixing Facebook with alcohol is just an awful idea, sure to make things awkward between you and the people you know but probably not enough to get anyone killed. Could any of you share other things that don’t mix with alcohol? I’m sure I’m missing some important ones here.

Archery and fun

My job requires knowledge of many different people. Most often I invite them to parties, but very often they invite me to the events that they organize. And that’s great because I really like socializing. Besides, in this way I spread the circle of my acquaintance, and I’m increasing the chances to be successful in my business. Recently, I was invited to an archery event, so I want to tell you about my experiences.

When you meet a bow and arrow with professionals, it is very likely that you will be discouraged. Primarily due to the fact that they shoot the center of the target, and you do not even know how to use a bow and arrow. Well, here are your friends to show you. Probably worse than that may be only trying to figure out how to use a bow and arrow alone.

There are many things that should be taken into account when you use a bow and arrow. Yes, you need to know how to set arrow and how to release it, but you also need to know how to breathe properly. Archery involves the use of the whole body. When you breathe, your body is moving, and your bow moves too. It is, therefore, necessary to develop breathing techniques that will not interfere with your achievements – take a deep breath and slowly exhale. A good shooter can predict the arrow flight, even with small body movements.

The bow and arrow are not easy to hold, especially when it comes to equipment used by professionals. If you are just starting to deal with shooting, it is better to get some bow for the beginners. Archery boot camp is the first place you should visit when you are planning such a choice.

If you want to hit the target, proper posture and strong hands are very important. You have to know how to take a position in which you will not waggle. Strong hands will help you to hold the bow and arrow straight and peaceful. Of course, there is no need to emphasize how much a good concentration is important if you want to hit the center of the target.

Yes, this event was great, new and fun experience in which I’m not shined for a gold medal. However, I always like to try new things in life. I learned a valuable lesson – nothing is as simple as it looks, especially after a wild night in the club!

I’m a club promoter long enough to see the opportunity for a party at everything. It is clear that I was immediately thought about how to turn an event like this into a party night, with good music and arrows that light up. It is a difficult task because alcohol mixed with arrows can be a bad combination. At night, the visibility is lower, and it can give a charm to such an event. This way, it can be demonstrated the real skill of one shooter. But there is also a bad side – you never know who can wander behind your target. Therefore, these parties had to be well-planned and organized only for a narrow circle of people who know and trust each other.

Archery night parties with real arrows will be postponed for some other time. Yes, shooting is fun during the day, but I still prefer the night shooting – for example, with Cupid’s arrows!

A Little Song and Dance

A big part of promoting clubs is understanding the reasons people actually want to go out to clubs in the first place. Some people go for the drinks – but alcohol is available pretty much anywhere, so I’ve never considered that to be one of the main factors.

Some like the atmosphere, and that’s something you can’t just reproduce anywhere else, so we’re getting a little warmer. In my opinion, it’s all about the song and dance. Good music, good beats and a good environment to get your groove on in all work together to create a club people enjoy frequenting.

Now I travel a lot, I go all over the place, so I’ve seen plenty of clubs. Creating that perfect environment isn’t really easy, but then it isn’t really difficult either. It’s almost formulaic really. I already mentioned good music, but that’s changing all the time – songs that are hot now are out of style and gone cold months later.

That’s just how it goes. If you want to keep the music fresh, you have to keep your eyes (and more importantly your ears) open to what’s hot on the radio. That’s actually a very good source for hot songs, but there’s more to it than just music.

Lighting is cool too. I’m not talking about strobe lights like you used to see in the old discos, though those are still popular in some places. But lighting that scintillates, that’s always changing colors and such, that can really have a positive effect on the way people perceive a nightclub.

It’s fun, and it encourages the people who see it to have a good time too. But the one thing I really want to hit in this post is karaoke. Yeah, I know, it’s usually a bar thing. But adding a quality karaoke machine to your club could make a big difference on your bottom line.

I’m not talking about making karaoke a regular thing. If you do that, people are going to start thinking you’re running a karaoke bar or club. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; if that’s what you want to do then go right ahead. But giving all those tipsy people a little outlet besides dancing will get some of them to open up and have fun. Not everyone likes to dance, you know? It’s true, even at clubs which are full of dancing.

You could do contests, maybe have different singers compete against each other and see what the crowd present thinks about their performances, get everyone involved. It creates a sense of community in the club, and that’s great for getting repeat business from people.

If this sounds good to you, and it should, you might want to consider getting yourself a good karaoke machine for your own club, bar or other gathering spot. You can find lots of them at if you’re interested, though the site is mostly about reviews and for an actual purchase you’d have to go somewhere else.

How To Get You Fighting Fit For Dancing

Whoever said clubbing is all fun and games needs to have their craniums looked at. Yes, the main reason for getting down and low at a club until the cock crows is to have a good time. But manic clubbers, who do their thing nightly, never mind over every other weekend, will tell you it’s hardcore. The best clubs in the world are packed to the rafters on most nights so if you get that chance of a lifetime to visit any one of the iconic clubs located on Planet Earth you’re still going to need to worm and shove your way through those crowds.

The world champions of clubbing

Folks, this is where I butt in. One of the things that I’ll be doing at an epic event is making sure everything flows smoothly. It’s an art to get this right, making sure your group feels as though they have the entire joint to themselves. And even with the best bouncers around you, there are always a few off-beat characters whose primary aim is making every other fun-loving clubber’s life a living hell.

Now, for these folks, not only is all night dancing and clubbing a national pastime, for many it is their livelihood. And, boy, do I understand where they are coming from. I can relate to the passion that goes into creating the ultimate party atmosphere which often carries on in the morning sunlight out on the streets long after the club’s doors have been bolted shut. Not only are these boys and girls the proud brothers and sisters of the world’s best loved and most celebrated soccer players, affectionately and appropriately known as the Samba Kings, they may as well be the world champions of clubbing too.


But what makes these Brazilians so hardcore, bodies supple and muscled, world-weary while still finding mind-space to keep a serious eye out for dangerous, knife-wielding thugs. It could be the BJJ. Now, I know what you might also be thinking, it’s not that at all. I like a good blowjob just as much as the next guy. I’m talking about the shooter, one of the many traditional quick-drinks served at clubs around the world.

Now, the BJJ I’m referring to here is the South American version of martial arts known as the Brazilian jiu jitsu which is a lot more radical and sometimes even more brutal than the more disciplined and better known Eastern traditions. Before I head off to Rio, I’m going to have another look at this website which gives all specifications on what jiu jitsu uniforms are allowed in accordance with competition rules. I’m going to ditch the jacket for now and just go with the pants.

Get into dancing shape

It’s hot down there. So, when I’m not working I’ll be sure to show those fine ladies how my biceps are looking these days. You might also want to sign up for a class or two just to get you into shape for that next night out on the dance floor.

The Nightclub Scene in Paris

When compared to London or even Berlin, Paris does not feature much on the nightclub map. In fact, it is difficult to find really decent nightclubs here as I found out during one my recent visits to the fashion capital. But I managed to find out a few quality ones. Here are some of the top spots that give a great nightlife experience in Paris.


Situated on a barge on the river Seine, this club has been in existence for a long time and with consistent crowds lining up always. The ship lights up the evening until the early hours and you can have your fill of rock, hip hop, dubstep, electro, and techno. The club offers a spectacular view of the city too.

Chez Moune

This club flaunts a vintage style décor with mirrored and tiled walls and low ceilings. The club caters to the hipster or branche crowd in Paris. Electro rock is the main style here. This is a free nightclub unlike most of the nightclubs here. Since it was hunting season, when I visited Paris, our group decided to go on a hunting trip.  The hunting lodge we stayed at provided all essential gear right from the hunting boots. I however had my own sturdy hunting boots I usually wear on my hunting trips, which I take along, whenever I’ve a hunting trip planned.

Chacha Club

This club featured luxurious art deco style in the interior, which is a stark contrast to the imposing and dark exterior façade it poses. If you are looking for a genuine private nightclub experience, this is the best one to frequent. Techno, electro, and pop are belted out by the DJs. For a calmer ambience, the fumoir or recording studio present in-house offers an escape route and so does the posh bathroom with its claw footed bathtub.

Le Truskel

This club offers a pleasing blend of micro club environment and Celtic style pub ambience. Featuring punk, electro pop and indie music, you can enjoy the beats well into dawn. The club is situated in a strategic area as you can see spill overs from parties conducted in the Olympia concert hall nearby. Since we were busy with our hunting schedule, we couldn’t get to see the concerts in this hall. However, the hunting trip was worth it as we had a great time. Having special SPYDERCO-POLICE tactical knives also helped a lot during the trip. It goes to show how having the right gear with you can make a trip highly satisfying.

Rex Club

This club has dance floors sunken below the normal ground level. For those who crave a new and altering experience, this club offers the best entertainment especially for the international crowd. I found the club similar to the techno-grunge style London clubs. While electronica and bass heavy beats dominate here, the bouncers at this club are often grouchy and temperamental, but are dressed as per the etiquette.

Le Social Club

This club located near Club Rex, in the Grands Boulevards region features some exciting hot DJ acts both in the international and French level. With retro-futuristic style, the club with a capacity to hold 500 people has electro, disco, techno, house and other similar genres.

Colorful LED Lighting

As someone who travels around the world visiting the various dance halls, clubs and nightspots to be found in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere, I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting new trends, or to see if the things which are popular in one corner of the world are popular elsewhere as well. I can say with surety that musical tastes do vary from place to place – that’s probably why different corners of the Earth produce different genres of music. On the other hand, things like colorful, spinning or flashing lights, especially LEDs, seem to be popular at the majority of clubs I visit and promote.

Why are flashing lights such a big thing? I can’t honestly say that I know. They don’t really do much for the quality of the music, but seeing everyone around you scintillating and changing colors constantly might do something for your mind, especially if you happen to be under the influence of something you shouldn’t be. Getting back to the lights, I’m actually kind of surprised at the number of applications there are for LED lights today. The stuff I see in clubs is kind of primitive in comparison; just the same old light being passed through a colored cover, or colored light being produced by a particular filament.

Today, LED lights can even be made to produce ultraviolet light and radiation, as if they were tiny little pieces of the sun strapped along the length of a bar. In fact, some of the same lights I’ve seen in clubs were turned around and used during day hours to help speed up the growth of plants being grown in containers. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself at if you like. There are plenty of growing lights there which could easily double as club lighting in a pinch, believe you me.

While low lighting is good for quiet music and bringing people close, the bright, flashy and garish stuff is best for louder songs with more intense beats, the sort of stuff you listen to when dancing hard or trying to get a crowd pumped up and moving on the dance floor in the first place. Mind that I said some of those grow lights could double as club lighting in a pinch. The odds are good devices made to shower plants with constant light don’t have the kind of oscillating or strobe effects your typical DJ is looking for when trying to create a light and sound show for an audience.

For the perfect clubbing session, you need a few things. First, some people you’re friendly with, maybe even people you’ve known for a while; people who will keep you safe if you have too much to drink, for instance. You need a designated driver too if alcohol is going to be part of the evening’s plans. There are some things you need which you can’t simply bring with you from home though, like decent lighting setups, good acoustics and of course, hot musical tracks.

All girls Las Vegas Vacation tips

It is not just the men who enjoy a stay in Las Vegas but girls too can have fun here. Whether it is a birthday, bachelorette or some other excuse for a trip, Las Vegas is the place to go. If you are still undecided about it, here are some tips to help.

Great hotels

The location has some fabulous hotels that cater to all budgets. It is best to book hotels that are nearer to the clubs you want to visit, so you don’t end up paying an expensive amount for the taxis. You can find a reasonably priced room that suits your conditions best easily in Flamingo. Hotels such as Monte Carlo, Tropicana, Excalibur, and Go Room are good budget hotels you can try.

The right company

Make sure you pick friends with a similar mindset on the Las Vegas vacation, so you enjoy it fully. Why I’m mentioning this is because, while some girls might love to spend their days shopping, going to the spas and lounging pools without worrying about standing all day, which I think is not possible with those high heels girls usually prefer. Some nice and comfortable shoes such as those at would definitely help. And there are others who might prefer to hang out with the boys and drink endlessly at the night clubs. So, choosing girls with the same attitude as you would help in increasing the fun quotient.

Best clubs to frequent

Make a list of the hottest and best Vegas clubs. If you know a club promoter getting into the club is easier. While Vegas has plenty of clubs to go to, not all of them are worth exploring. Some good clubs include Marquee at The Cosmopolitan, Tao in Venetian, Hakkasan at MGM and The Cromwell’s Drai Nightclub.

Explore the strip

Vegas strip is a must-visit place. You get numerous hotels with each being unique. You can enjoy the conservatory and water show at Bellagio, MGM lions, Mirage volcano, and the Treasure Island Sirens. Other than the hotels, you can enjoy the people in the area more. And heels are a sincere no, no to visit the strip. A sensible pair of flats would be good. In fact, the extent of exploring you need to do requires more sturdy shoes like parkour shoes, so you avoid ending the day with blisters and not being able to enjoy the night jaunts.


This pastime is definitely one that all girls favor and Las Vegas is brimming with shopping spots. The shops at Grand Canal at Venetian, Forum shops present in Caesar’s Palace and City Center’s Crystals, Wynn Esplande and Bellagio Via are great for ritzy shopping. For normal shopping, the Miracle Mile stores at Planet Hollywood are good.

To say the truth, Vegas is not a place that you see only once in your lifetime. The ever-changing place should be explored as often as you can. The shows are changed often, so don’t be surprised if you can’t see Aladdin, which has now become Planet Hollywood or the roller coaster on Stratosphere, which is not there now.

Safety tips for nightclub visit

Frequenting a nightclub is undoubtedly great fun. You can mingle with people and burn off all your worries and some calories on the dance floor. Partying all night may be the best thing that you can have after a long and harrowing workweek, but at the same time you shouldn’t ignore the fact that a nightclub also poses some amount of danger with its frenetic and confusing environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone coming to the club has partying in his mind. If your stars are not aligned right, you may meet a gal or guy who on the outside my look a good person but may have more things on mind than what you had bargained for. So here are some tips to make your night jaunts safer

Safe drinking

There have been several incidences of date-rape medicines being slipped into drinks. Many people contend that it is their most feared thing about going to a nightclub. Well, you can keep yourself safe by

  • Not leaving your drink unattended and covering it with your palm, while you’re in crowded places.
  • Don’t accept a drink from anyone and make sure you see the bartender pouring your drink before you accept it
  • And don’t share your drink with a person you’ve just lit upon
  • And don’t ever think of accepting any of the so-called harmless party drugs, especially from strangers.

If in spite of the above precautions, you do end up having your drink spiked, you will not realize it until the effects start showing. You should be aware about your mental and physical state. If you feel drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination, disorientation, slow in reaction, mental confusion, and being less inhibited than usual, you need to get help from the staff at the nightclub immediately.

Driving home

Drinking and driving don’t gel well together. If you plan to drive back on your own, make sure you don’t consume too much alcohol. Having proper led light bars, click here, installed on you vehicle also help in better visibility while driving at nighttime. Continue reading

Useful Things To Bring On A Fishing Trip

Hi guys! So, last week I went to the UK to do some promotions, and I got the day of, so I decided to go fishing! Here is some advice if you ever want to try it out!

There are a number of useful things that one is able to bring with them on the trip to a fishing spot to make their time at that place more enjoyable. Though the main activity that will take place on that occasion is fishing, it does not mean that there is nothing else to be done during that time. As a matter of fact there are quite a number of alternative activities that one can take part at the same time as going fishing in order to pass the time as they wait for the fish to bite. I remember when I used to go fishing with my sister, she would often study for her online nail technician school degree. And I used to listen to some awesome tunes or read comics and make fun of her!

Well now she’s got a great job (click here to see just how great), so I guess I’m not laughing anymore! Anyway, going out to a fishing spot requires patience and some people may need to have other things to do in order to distract them from the potential boredom that they face during such trips. This is especially true for people who may be going fishing for the first time. Apart from ensuring that one is not too bored during a fishing trip, there are also a number of things that can be brought along for the trip for sake of convenience and to make some activities a little bit easier to handle. One does not simply jump in to a boat and go out and catch some fish and it is essential that one makes notes of the things that they might need depending on the type of fishing trip they are planning on embarking on.

Some of the items that may prove useful on a fishing trip can include commodities such as:

  1. An Extra Icebox

Though it may seem like a normal thing to bring along, most individuals forget the fact that depending on the amount of fish they are able to catch, they might need a place to store them for a period of time without worrying about it getting spoilt. Most people bring along just one icebox for the trip and this is usually full of other times that there is hardly any space left for any extra fish that they may catch. Seeing as how one cannot simply fill the fish inside the kayak they’re using, it would be wise to be prepared for such a predicament or keep reminding oneself not to fish beyond their storage limits.

  1. Portable Radio

As mentioned earlier, fishing requires patience and can be a strenuous exercise for individuals who are not used to staying in one place for long periods of time. The accompaniment of a portable radio is able to help with that as music allows one to pass the time in a way that does not seem too dull. Good music and scintillating conversation can go a long way in improving the overall odds of enjoying themselves during a fishing trip.

  1. A Satellite Phone

Some of the fishing spots that an individual may choose to visit could be located in areas with poor network coverage. It is best in case of emergencies for individuals to have a satellite phone with them should they require assistance and at the same time happen to be in a location with poor network coverage. A satellite phone could be the decider between getting help on time and it being too late.

What makes a nightclub successful?

Nightclubs come in different varieties and ranges. From impressive production, sound, and lighting to distinctive decor and lineup of popular DJs, you have quite a lot of factors that make some nightclubs unique, while others run of the mill. So how do you classify a nightclub as a coolest one? Here are some important qualities.

Perfect sound

The sound remains the heart and soul of a club and this is an irrefutable fact. Therefore, a clubs sound system should be on par with global standards to make it noticeable. Even if the venue is not that impressive, the top notch sounds more than makes up for the lack. A good sound system should not be too bassy or loud but be crisp and enveloping, so you can listen to the details without leaving your ears ringing.

Best talent

The artists in a club should dish out consistent fare. Some of the most popular nightclubs are well known for their splendid acts in dance music. Some best known talent on the nightclub scene include, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Hardwell and more.


A best venue is one that has a distinct environment. Whether it is atmospheric or luxurious, the décor should be able to transport you to another world. This is accomplished by a blend of various elements including décor, lighting, and production. Continue reading

My visit to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for nightclub enthusiasts. The nightclubs here are famous mostly for the celebrities that frequent them. The top quality hotels and exotic cuisine here also attract many people. But what many don’t know about Las Vegas is that it is also an exciting place to be in during broad daylight.

I discovered this to my unending delight, when I recently visited Las Vegas. The time in between, after you finish your breakfast, and before it’s time to get into those clubs, you can have a whole lot of exciting and fun filled experience here.

Exciting time

The Stratosphere Tower is a place that is just right for those who love the adrenaline rush. The Big Shot, Sky Jump, Insanity, and X Scream are all set to get your adrenaline going at jet speed. If you’re still not satisfied with the excitement, a ride on the roller coaster that races at 67 mph would be just your ticket to fun. The racecar track or Exotics racing on the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas are equally thrilling rides to sample here. Continue reading

Top London nightclubs

London is home to some of the coolest nightclubs. Brimming dance floors, late night sprees, bustling DJs and the best night scene ever are what you get at the nightclubs here. The spectacle here is an ever-changing one. Whether you are after a drunken night, sophisticated affair with celebrities or a cheesy night there’s a club for everyone. From the super elite clubs to intimate venues, here are some top nightspots you can check out in London.

Corsica studios

This is an entertainment and arts type of venue where you can see friendly and arty students in plenty. The South London venue offers two rooms with music and bar. If you fancy garage and dubstep, this is the place to hang out. The sounds here are exciting and of experimental kind.


This venue present underneath railway arches has some amazing music range and a friendly and warm crowd. The food canteen here has some delicious fare, which you should not miss. The place provides free entry on Fridays for those who come in before 10 pm. Continue reading

Tips to dress right for nightclub

Although a nightclub is a place where you’re supposed to let you hair down and be as you wish to be, the nightclub environment is something that requires the due diligence. Well, so it is not a high flying club like a private club, supper club or for that matter a golf club, but still a night club too needs some kind of decorum, So here are some useful tips for your night club outing

The right clothes

By the right clothes, I don’t mean that new suit you had bought recently and are longing to show off. A nightclub is where you dance endlessly well into the night, and with so much activity going on you’re bound to get sweaty.

Donning your best outfit, even if it cost you a bomb is not necessary as, to be frank, the dimmed lights do not give much credence to what you wear. And with the jostling that happens, you might even get your dress stained by a spilled drink.

Black is out

While black is the evergreen color to wear, this is not so in case of nightclubs. Most clubs have black lights only under which your dress would look brownish, dull, and sometimes even unattractive. And then, there’s the dandruff to give you away.

Gray is the popular color that hides the sweat, while blue is a color that is meant for nighttime. My cousin, a gorgeous blonde, prefers blue dresses and looks stunning in them. She however contends that her sewing skills and her splendid serger make her look appealing rather than the color. She designs and makes her own clothes and they are awesome so I’d to agree with her. Continue reading

Dancing tips for the introvert

The mere mention of nightclubs brings to mind dancing all night until dawn. Yes, dancing is symbolic with nightclubs. But have you noticed some of those who frequent night clubs, instead of taking their place on the dance stage, simply lounge against a wall and keep staring? Well, I see quite a few such people and I’d think that they probably hate dancing and had been dragged to the club unwillingly by their partner.

But there are some who stay so because they actually don’t know how to dance. Yes, it’s true. Some people are insecure to the extent they develop all kinds of crazy theories on why they shouldn’t dance like, ‘everyone’s going to laugh at me’ or ‘no one would dance with me’ or the common, ‘I’m going to look stupid making the moves’.

Well! All these are utter gibberish and just fabrications of a weak mind. Since dancing is inescapable part of your social life, you need to make the effort to be at least passable as a dancer. And the basics are not so hard to learn. So here are some tips for those who shun dancing because of being too self-conscious.

Basic movements

The basic moves that let you blend with the others dancing is sufficient at the beginning. So you need not try to look like an ace at it.

General tastes

Men and women don’t have the same standards as to what constitutes a good enough dancer. Guys think dancing is to show off and try to outdo the other skilled dancers. For men, a typical dancer is one who does gymnastic moves, flips, or using the popping and locking routine. For women, a guy who is confident, comfortable and having fun at it is a good one.

This is the general mindset and I’m not talking about the picky ones. Once I had a girlfriend who would go only for the muscled and break dance type of guys. I even tried to impress her by taking up regular workouts at the gym. Nowadays, I continue with my workouts not at the gym, but with my superb power racks, which keeps me fit and toned. Continue reading

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