A big part of promoting clubs is understanding the reasons people actually want to go out to clubs in the first place. Some people go for the drinks – but alcohol is available pretty much anywhere, so I’ve never considered that to be one of the main factors.

Some like the atmosphere, and that’s something you can’t just reproduce anywhere else, so we’re getting a little warmer. In my opinion, it’s all about the song and dance. Good music, good beats and a good environment to get your groove on in all work together to create a club people enjoy frequenting.

Now I travel a lot, I go all over the place, so I’ve seen plenty of clubs. Creating that perfect environment isn’t really easy, but then it isn’t really difficult either. It’s almost formulaic really. I already mentioned good music, but that’s changing all the time – songs that are hot now are out of style and gone cold months later.

That’s just how it goes. If you want to keep the music fresh, you have to keep your eyes (and more importantly your ears) open to what’s hot on the radio. That’s actually a very good source for hot songs, but there’s more to it than just music.

Lighting is cool too. I’m not talking about strobe lights like you used to see in the old discos, though those are still popular in some places. But lighting that scintillates, that’s always changing colors and such, that can really have a positive effect on the way people perceive a nightclub.

It’s fun, and it encourages the people who see it to have a good time too. But the one thing I really want to hit in this post is karaoke. Yeah, I know, it’s usually a bar thing. But adding a quality karaoke machine to your club could make a big difference on your bottom line.

I’m not talking about making karaoke a regular thing. If you do that, people are going to start thinking you’re running a karaoke bar or club. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; if that’s what you want to do then go right ahead. But giving all those tipsy people a little outlet besides dancing will get some of them to open up and have fun. Not everyone likes to dance, you know? It’s true, even at clubs which are full of dancing.

You could do contests, maybe have different singers compete against each other and see what the crowd present thinks about their performances, get everyone involved. It creates a sense of community in the club, and that’s great for getting repeat business from people.

If this sounds good to you, and it should, you might want to consider getting yourself a good karaoke machine for your own club, bar or other gathering spot. You can find lots of them at http://www.karaokeisle.com/ if you’re interested, though the site is mostly about reviews and for an actual purchase you’d have to go somewhere else.