sammyThanks for visiting my blog. I hope to meet you and party with you!

Alcohol, booze, smoke, lights, music, dancing, and a great crowd! Could there be anything more fun than that?

From Bangkok to Tel Aviv, Ibiza to Paris, Amsterdam to London, New York City to Los Angeles – I’ve been to almost every nightlife district around the world. Every party is so unique that I just can’t get enough.

Cheap cocktails, cool crowd, spectacular shows, great artists, and amazing music – this is what I call a perfect night! I always crave for the thrill of these experiences. One thing’s for sure, where there is party; you’d definitely find me there.

If you have been at a Las Vegas club, perhaps, we’ve already bumped into each other. I’m Sammy, a nomad-slash-party-animal and nightclub promoter. I’ve been into partying all my life – or least half of it. The clubs are my home and parties are my life. I couldn’t imagine a day without parties.

I love to travel the world and discover the best clubs and nightlife experiences. My escapades are filled with so many fun stories – as well as some not so fun experiences – that I love to write and share with you.

If there is such a clubbing or party guru, that’d be me. I couldn’t see my life without music, booze, dancing, and girls. I think life is a party and everybody should be happy.

So, if you are planning to go clubbing, who could better help you than a party animal, right? As a night club promoter, it is my duty to ensure a smooth trip and fun night for all of my guests. I’d tour you around, give you advice and get you to the best party places. Let’s drink, dance and party ‘till morning!

Clubbing, especially the planning part, can be a stressful one. You will have to coordinate with clubs and make reservations. You will also have to consider the type of club and the crowd you are getting into. Your night could easily turn into a disaster if you don’t plan ahead.

Save yourself and your pals from a night of disaster with the help of a club promoter like myself. I will help you plan and set up a great night that fits your budget. I love partying and I definitely know how to make your night the BEST EVER!