Today I want to do something a little different. Or I guess it’s the same thing I always do here, talking about some thing or another. But instead of clubs, I’d like to take some time to stress that alcohol doesn’t mix with everything. Unless you don’t drink for religious or health reasons, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying beer, wine or liquor responsibly. But that’s the key part – doing it responsibly. Everyone already knows that driving a motor vehicle drunk isn’t just stupid, it’s also an activity packed with unnecessary risks where lots of people can get hurt. This is usually how it goes with alcohol.

So of course, you shouldn’t mix together alcohol and driving. That’s a given, it’s just too dangerous and too stupid a thing to do. The only problem is that a drunken mind doesn’t work anything like a sober one; it can’t look at the world around it and shy away from a bad idea. With the lack of inhibition brought on by alcohol, there are no bad ideas in the minds of some drunks. This is the really bad part, the sort of Catch 22; how does the drunken mind know not to do what the sober mind knows not to do? In many people, it doesn’t.

This is why I want to do a little public service here and stress that alcohol doesn’t mix with everything. Driving, that’s a given. But there are other things. Swimming comes to mind as something you should never do under the effects of alcohol. It’s a shame too, because I bet the same people who would have a shot or two to beat the cold this winter are some of the same people who would take a dip in their heated pools too. You could learn more here about good example of pool heater if you want, but none of them will be any help when you’re drowning because you can’t get your bearings.

Alcohol Doesnt Mix with Everything-1

It’s not a pretty picture – I don’t even want to think about it. But these things happen, and knowing that, someone has to speak up so they hopefully don’t happen as often. It’s not just limited to swimming pools either. Sure, water heated with a large and high quality pool heater is a lot more inviting than the ice cold kind that’s frozen solid on top, but there are people who jump into freezing lakes once a year just for the hell of it. If you ask me, you kind of have to be drinking to try something so stupid. Whether the water is hot or cold though, you really shouldn’t go swimming in such a state.

There are many other things you shouldn’t do while drunk too, but none of them are as inherently dangerous to you or other people as operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery, or taking a swim. I’ve heard that mixing Facebook with alcohol is just an awful idea, sure to make things awkward between you and the people you know but probably not enough to get anyone killed. Could any of you share other things that don’t mix with alcohol? I’m sure I’m missing some important ones here.