It is not just the men who enjoy a stay in Las Vegas but girls too can have fun here. Whether it is a birthday, bachelorette or some other excuse for a trip, Las Vegas is the place to go. If you are still undecided about it, here are some tips to help.

Great hotels

The location has some fabulous hotels that cater to all budgets. It is best to book hotels that are nearer to the clubs you want to visit, so you don’t end up paying an expensive amount for the taxis. You can find a reasonably priced room that suits your conditions best easily in Flamingo. Hotels such as Monte Carlo, Tropicana, Excalibur, and Go Room are good budget hotels you can try.

The right company

Make sure you pick friends with a similar mindset on the Las Vegas vacation, so you enjoy it fully. Why I’m mentioning this is because, while some girls might love to spend their days shopping, going to the spas and lounging pools without worrying about standing all day, which I think is not possible with those high heels girls usually prefer. Some nice and comfortable shoes such as those at would definitely help. And there are others who might prefer to hang out with the boys and drink endlessly at the night clubs. So, choosing girls with the same attitude as you would help in increasing the fun quotient.

Best clubs to frequent

Make a list of the hottest and best Vegas clubs. If you know a club promoter getting into the club is easier. While Vegas has plenty of clubs to go to, not all of them are worth exploring. Some good clubs include Marquee at The Cosmopolitan, Tao in Venetian, Hakkasan at MGM and The Cromwell’s Drai Nightclub.

Explore the strip

Vegas strip is a must-visit place. You get numerous hotels with each being unique. You can enjoy the conservatory and water show at Bellagio, MGM lions, Mirage volcano, and the Treasure Island Sirens. Other than the hotels, you can enjoy the people in the area more. And heels are a sincere no, no to visit the strip. A sensible pair of flats would be good. In fact, the extent of exploring you need to do requires more sturdy shoes like parkour shoes, so you avoid ending the day with blisters and not being able to enjoy the night jaunts.


This pastime is definitely one that all girls favor and Las Vegas is brimming with shopping spots. The shops at Grand Canal at Venetian, Forum shops present in Caesar’s Palace and City Center’s Crystals, Wynn Esplande and Bellagio Via are great for ritzy shopping. For normal shopping, the Miracle Mile stores at Planet Hollywood are good.

To say the truth, Vegas is not a place that you see only once in your lifetime. The ever-changing place should be explored as often as you can. The shows are changed often, so don’t be surprised if you can’t see Aladdin, which has now become Planet Hollywood or the roller coaster on Stratosphere, which is not there now.