My job requires knowledge of many different people. Most often I invite them to parties, but very often they invite me to the events that they organize. And that’s great because I really like socializing. Besides, in this way I spread the circle of my acquaintance, and I’m increasing the chances to be successful in my business. Recently, I was invited to an archery event, so I want to tell you about my experiences.

When you meet a bow and arrow with professionals, it is very likely that you will be discouraged. Primarily due to the fact that they shoot the center of the target, and you do not even know how to use a bow and arrow. Well, here are your friends to show you. Probably worse than that may be only trying to figure out how to use a bow and arrow alone.

There are many things that should be taken into account when you use a bow and arrow. Yes, you need to know how to set arrow and how to release it, but you also need to know how to breathe properly. Archery involves the use of the whole body. When you breathe, your body is moving, and your bow moves too. It is, therefore, necessary to develop breathing techniques that will not interfere with your achievements – take a deep breath and slowly exhale. A good shooter can predict the arrow flight, even with small body movements.

The bow and arrow are not easy to hold, especially when it comes to equipment used by professionals. If you are just starting to deal with shooting, it is better to get some bow for the beginners. Archery boot camp is the first place you should visit when you are planning such a choice.

If you want to hit the target, proper posture and strong hands are very important. You have to know how to take a position in which you will not waggle. Strong hands will help you to hold the bow and arrow straight and peaceful. Of course, there is no need to emphasize how much a good concentration is important if you want to hit the center of the target.

Yes, this event was great, new and fun experience in which I’m not shined for a gold medal. However, I always like to try new things in life. I learned a valuable lesson – nothing is as simple as it looks, especially after a wild night in the club!

I’m a club promoter long enough to see the opportunity for a party at everything. It is clear that I was immediately thought about how to turn an event like this into a party night, with good music and arrows that light up. It is a difficult task because alcohol mixed with arrows can be a bad combination. At night, the visibility is lower, and it can give a charm to such an event. This way, it can be demonstrated the real skill of one shooter. But there is also a bad side – you never know who can wander behind your target. Therefore, these parties had to be well-planned and organized only for a narrow circle of people who know and trust each other.

Archery night parties with real arrows will be postponed for some other time. Yes, shooting is fun during the day, but I still prefer the night shooting – for example, with Cupid’s arrows!