Where is the biggest party in the world? Even those who are not involved in organizing parties and club promotions know that it is in Brazil. Carnival in Rio is an event that every serious club promoter needs to see. And realistically, against such pervasive parties in the streets, scantily dressed girls, colorful costumes, sequins and colors, parties in clubs around the world are pale. Going to Rio has been always amazing. And it always reminds me how much I have to learn about my job.

Brazil is a lively country, famous for many things. Carnival in Rio is one of them and for me, it is almost synonymous for this country. When I went to Brazil, I saw that it is a mixture of various great things. Many miracles are located in Brazil – the biggest river Amazon, the largest rainforest, the biggest statue of Jesus above Rio, the biggest beach, the biggest party. Brazil is a great place to meet many people. And spreading friendships is something that is my profession and duty, not only pleasure and habit.

Although I visited Brazil during Carnival when the samba is in the foreground, the people I met draw my attention to other things. One friend of mine introduced me with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and took me to the training to experience this kind of fighting. Brazil is not known only by colorful costumes and dancing. Jiu Jitsu is another jewel in the necklace of this multicolored country. My friend explained to me why it is important to have a good gi and why my track suit is not good enough for fighting. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art which uses fighting techniques that require concentration and attention, and allow those who have weaker body structure to deal with those who are strong. The aim of the fight is to catch the opponent for a gi, knock him to the ground and finish the fight.

Since I never practiced BJJ, I did not want to try this technique in the fight with the man. So I practiced on the grappling dummy, which was simulating my partner. It’s really great for practicing Jiu Jitsu techniques. Some of the best grappling dummies can be found here: http://www.grapplingdummyinsider.com/ Where there is a crowd, the probability that you come into conflict with someone is greater. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can certainly be helpful in such situations.

I read somewhere that in Brazil, 70% of the population are younger than 30 years. This aging population is most prone to parties. They simply like to have fun and know how to do it. During the carnival in Rio, partying on the streets lasts for several days. The main carnival, which is actually a kind of parade of the samba schools, is only a fraction of the atmosphere. True, it is the most glamorous part. However, throughout the city, there are so many events, individual parties, and balls. It’s a hard count them all.

Going to Rio is the right thing if you want to change your monotonous life for a few days. There is partying everywhere. I like to be where the fun is. In this sense, Brazil is the country of my dreams!