As someone who travels around the world visiting the various dance halls, clubs and nightspots to be found in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere, I’m always keeping an eye out for interesting new trends, or to see if the things which are popular in one corner of the world are popular elsewhere as well. I can say with surety that musical tastes do vary from place to place – that’s probably why different corners of the Earth produce different genres of music. On the other hand, things like colorful, spinning or flashing lights, especially LEDs, seem to be popular at the majority of clubs I visit and promote.

Why are flashing lights such a big thing? I can’t honestly say that I know. They don’t really do much for the quality of the music, but seeing everyone around you scintillating and changing colors constantly might do something for your mind, especially if you happen to be under the influence of something you shouldn’t be. Getting back to the lights, I’m actually kind of surprised at the number of applications there are for LED lights today. The stuff I see in clubs is kind of primitive in comparison; just the same old light being passed through a colored cover, or colored light being produced by a particular filament.

Today, LED lights can even be made to produce ultraviolet light and radiation, as if they were tiny little pieces of the sun strapped along the length of a bar. In fact, some of the same lights I’ve seen in clubs were turned around and used during day hours to help speed up the growth of plants being grown in containers. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself at if you like. There are plenty of growing lights there which could easily double as club lighting in a pinch, believe you me.

While low lighting is good for quiet music and bringing people close, the bright, flashy and garish stuff is best for louder songs with more intense beats, the sort of stuff you listen to when dancing hard or trying to get a crowd pumped up and moving on the dance floor in the first place. Mind that I said some of those grow lights could double as club lighting in a pinch. The odds are good devices made to shower plants with constant light don’t have the kind of oscillating or strobe effects your typical DJ is looking for when trying to create a light and sound show for an audience.

For the perfect clubbing session, you need a few things. First, some people you’re friendly with, maybe even people you’ve known for a while; people who will keep you safe if you have too much to drink, for instance. You need a designated driver too if alcohol is going to be part of the evening’s plans. There are some things you need which you can’t simply bring with you from home though, like decent lighting setups, good acoustics and of course, hot musical tracks.