The mere mention of nightclubs brings to mind dancing all night until dawn. Yes, dancing is symbolic with nightclubs. But have you noticed some of those who frequent night clubs, instead of taking their place on the dance stage, simply lounge against a wall and keep staring? Well, I see quite a few such people and I’d think that they probably hate dancing and had been dragged to the club unwillingly by their partner.

But there are some who stay so because they actually don’t know how to dance. Yes, it’s true. Some people are insecure to the extent they develop all kinds of crazy theories on why they shouldn’t dance like, ‘everyone’s going to laugh at me’ or ‘no one would dance with me’ or the common, ‘I’m going to look stupid making the moves’.

Well! All these are utter gibberish and just fabrications of a weak mind. Since dancing is inescapable part of your social life, you need to make the effort to be at least passable as a dancer. And the basics are not so hard to learn. So here are some tips for those who shun dancing because of being too self-conscious.

Basic movements

The basic moves that let you blend with the others dancing is sufficient at the beginning. So you need not try to look like an ace at it.

General tastes

Men and women don’t have the same standards as to what constitutes a good enough dancer. Guys think dancing is to show off and try to outdo the other skilled dancers. For men, a typical dancer is one who does gymnastic moves, flips, or using the popping and locking routine. For women, a guy who is confident, comfortable and having fun at it is a good one.

This is the general mindset and I’m not talking about the picky ones. Once I had a girlfriend who would go only for the muscled and break dance type of guys. I even tried to impress her by taking up regular workouts at the gym. Nowadays, I continue with my workouts not at the gym, but with my superb power racks, which keeps me fit and toned.

Be yourself

While on the dance floor, don’t give even a passing thought to what others think about you. People make fun only when they are not confident themselves. And the average dancers are with you dancing their hearts out and don’t have time to criticize you.

Low-key performance

If you’re just beginning to test your newfound confidence in dancing, it is not good to try some bizarre movies, unless you are hundred percent sure that you can do them. And you don’t need to do hundred different moves every second. Use simple, repetitive steps and enjoy the company, which is what dancing at a nightclub is all about.

Most often going with the basic dance core in sync with the music beat is what you need to do to pull it off. If needed, you can build a bit on the steps but this is sufficient to keep you on the floor with the other dancers and not appear like the odd guy out.