I’ve seen different types of club-goers – the party animals, the clown, the texter, the awkward couple, the kid who just tried his first alcohol, the guy who has just been dumped, and many more.  But more interestingly, I’ve probably seen all types of dancers one can run into at the clubs.

I guess at every bar, nightclub or dance floor, you can find these dancers showing off their dancing prowess, shaking off their booty. I really don’t know how to categorize my dancing skills but here are the top five dancers I normally hang out with at clubs.

  1. The Natural Dancer

Some people are born to dance. They have the moves. They dance so good, they don’t care how awful the music is. Once they start dancing, they turn the dance floor into their stage. They’re like auditioning for a dance competition or for So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone just looks bad when they dance, and we ultimately hate them. Yes, they are entertaining but for god’s sake it’s a nightclub not some dance competition.

  1. The Non-Dancer Trying To Be A Dancer

You know what I mean. These guys know they can’t dance but still does maybe for a friend or a girl or his pride. You can see from their faces that they are uncomfortable with what they’re doing but they just go on nonetheless. Their eyes are rolling around, copying other’s dance moves. If you relate to this dancer, don’t worry, they make up about 60% of the dancers at the club.

  1. The Overly Passionate Dancing Couples

This couple’s attraction seems to be overflowing, they can’t hide it. Their dance moves are like humping on each other. They’re like snakes writhing over each other’s body. You’d be surprise that despite the club’s humid environment and everyone being so sweaty, the couple is still clasped with each other, not minding the heat. These amorous dancing couples better be in a hotel room instead of the dance floor.

  1. The “This Is My Show Man”

They don’t care what the music is. These dancers will dance the way they want to. You can easily find them, eyes closed, writhing, and twisting to a rhythm that only they can hear. They love to dance alone and can dance even if no one else is on the dance floor, and even if there is no music at all. They look drugged, perhaps, but they seem to be in some tantric episode. Sadly, they’re hard to stop. You just have to let them be.

  1. The Flash Mob Dancers

These are groups of five to twenty girls or guys. They seem to have practiced before they showed up to the dance floor. There some kind of choreography to their dancing, complete with a leader and supporting members. They definitely can twerk, as well as other dance moves, and they dance to the rhythm. Most annoyingly, they start a snake dance or a circle dance to the chagrin of other dancers on the floor. Just like the first type of dancers, they are fun to watch but not everyone will find them fun to party with.

Check out a club and you’ll definitely find them!