If there’s one thing I love at the end of a long day when I just want to relax, it’s a good drink. Nothing too strong, I’m not looking to get wasted on a nightly basis or anything. But a little bite of alcohol does a lot to soothe the nerves and help me to get comfortable. I know it’s that way for a lot of other people too, which is just one reason clubs are so popular. Unless you’re filthy rich (and even when you are sometimes) life kind of sucks now and then, so it’s a nice release. But I don’t drink just anything.

Dressing up DrinksI like to dress up my drinks. That doesn’t mean going to the lengths you see at most bars or clubs, not if I’m just sitting at home and trying to unwind. But it does still mean using exotic ingredients to create a kind of taste sensation in my mouth. Truth is, you can do a lot to change the flavor of a drink, alcoholic or not, just by making small tweaks to the recipe. One of my favorite additions for a drink is zest of some kind – lemon, lime, orange; it all depends on the specific taste I’m looking for. But would you guess what I use to grind up my fruit skins?

You might not believe it, but I actually use an electric microdermabrasion machine to grind up zest for my drinks. Of course, I don’t also use it for cleaning my skin, which is what the device is really for in the first place. I have a second one for that. These machines are designed to grind down calluses and other hard knobs of dead skin with ease, so I figured they would be good for grinding up peels, and it turned out I was right. Now I always keep an extra one handy in my liquor cabinet.

The best part about it is that it does all the grinding for me. I don’t need to keep moving my arms and pushing down on the peel or anything; the machine does it all. And because they were made for use on skin, they also have these nice attached containers that are there to catch whatever gets ground up and passed through. I don’t spill zest anywhere and I can easily see how much I have, so I know when to stop. If this all sounds good to you, check out http://camilasbeauty.com/ to check them out yourself.

I mean, hand graters still work, even if they’re a pain to clean. But it’s almost as if these microdermabrasion machines were made for this instead of scraping skin. The oil from the peels keeps the blades inside the grinder lubricated and working perfectly. I’ve never needed to oil mine the whole time I owned it. But it hasn’t really been more than a year, so I can’t say for sure if that statement will still hold up in another few months.