How To Enjoy Yourself At The Club Alone

Going to a nightclub is almost a quest in itself. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s the right or wrong thing to do. It’s almost as if there are unwritten rules when you enter the club. If you’re daring to venture into a club by yourself, the quest becomes ten times harder, as you’ll have nobody around you to tell you who’s looking good, or which group to avoid. However you can have the same amount of fun by yourself than when you’re with your friends. The following are some dos and don’ts to go by when clubbing alone:


  • Go on a busy night – usually Thursday to Saturday nights are the busiest nights of the week for nightclubs. It’s best to go when there are lots of people around, as this is your chance to find yourself a group of friends to join, or perhaps a potential romantic interest. Going to a quiet club alone may leave you feeling lost and bored for the night, so go on a night where there are lots of people around. Also consider going to a club when they are hosting an event.
  • Try to stay near the bar – the bar is a neutral place for everyone in the club. If people get lost or separated from their friends, they’ll often head to the bar. Or if others are clubbing alone, they’ll be aware that the bar is a good place to strike a conversation with someone. You won’t come across as a freak or a weird guy alone if you hang out at the bar, and you never know whom you might meet!
  • Offer to buy someone a drink – if you see somebody alone at the bar that you find attractive, perhaps they’re wearing the right dress or a really cool shirt, go and offer them a drink. Even better if they’re buying a drink and you offer to buy it for them. If they’re alone and drinking, it’s very possible to strike a conversation with them. Keep the conversation general; discuss the amount of people in the club, the songs the DJ are playing, or pay them a compliment on how they look!
  • Buy a round for the guys – if it’s a group of guys you’re looking to hang out with for the night, why not offer to buy them a round of pints or shots (if you can afford it)? It automatically puts you in their good books, and they’ll more than likely include you in their conversation. Just obviously don’t keep buying them drinks over and over again!
  • Keep the conversation relevant – don’t go up to a group of people and babble on about something completely irrelevant. If it’s a group of guys, point out a hot woman that you can see, or about the music that the DJ is playing. Or if you’re trying to pick up somebody at the bar, make a remark about how busy the club is, or how great the drinks are. By keeping the conversation natural, and something that everyone can talk about, you’ll find you’ll fit in a lot easier than sparking a random and redundant conversation.


  • Try dancing with a group of girls – most of the time, girls on the dancefloor are on a night out with their girls, and are usually not interested getting with anybody for the night. They tend to want to do some singing and dancing with their friends until its time to take off the heels and grab a kebab. It’s not a personal grudge against you, but they’re probably just having a ‘girl’s night out’.
  • Interrupt a group’s conversation – this can be said for a group of girls that you find attractive, or a group of guys that you want to hang out with. If you can see that a group is mid conversation, or laughing about something, don’t interrupt them; you’ll come across worse for interrupting the flow of their conversation, and they’ll be less inclined to talk to you.
  • Dance your own funky beat on the dancefloor – you are trying to fit in at the end of the day, and if you go dancing like some sort of funky chicken that’s out of time to the DJ’s music, you’re going to look pretty silly pretty quickly. Plus, it’s not exactly a great thing to do if you’re trying to impress somebody too.
  • Try too hard – don’t look like you’re purposefully going out by yourself, and are trying to fit in. While that is what you’re doing, you don’t want that away; you can come across as needy, lonely and creepy if you start trying too hard to have fun. Remember that people get separated from their groups, or might leave their group to get a drink for themselves – this is a perfect opportunity for you to hop in and get involved with their night! Others don’t have to know you’re at the club alone…

Going out alone does take a huge amount of confidence, and it can be extremely challenging to find the right group of people to tag along with, or to even have a good night as it is.

The main point is though that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about clubbing alone; lots of people to do it, and it’s a great way to meet a lot of new people and make new friends! Not to mention that you’re free to explore whichever nightclubs you want to.

A good night isn’t just based on whom you’re with – it’s what you do with your night that determines if it’s good or not.