Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for nightclub enthusiasts. The nightclubs here are famous mostly for the celebrities that frequent them. The top quality hotels and exotic cuisine here also attract many people. But what many don’t know about Las Vegas is that it is also an exciting place to be in during broad daylight.

I discovered this to my unending delight, when I recently visited Las Vegas. The time in between, after you finish your breakfast, and before it’s time to get into those clubs, you can have a whole lot of exciting and fun filled experience here.

Exciting time

The Stratosphere Tower is a place that is just right for those who love the adrenaline rush. The Big Shot, Sky Jump, Insanity, and X Scream are all set to get your adrenaline going at jet speed. If you’re still not satisfied with the excitement, a ride on the roller coaster that races at 67 mph would be just your ticket to fun. The racecar track or Exotics racing on the Motor Speedway in Las Vegas are equally thrilling rides to sample here.

People watching

Okay now for the normal pastimes, have your lunch outdoors, so you get the best view of the passersby. It’s certainly a very entertaining one, which I loved very much. I had margarita and lunch at the Olives in the patio, which overlooked the spectacular Bellagio fountains.

After lunch, I wandered into the investigative world at CSI: The Experience of MGM Grand. The experience is so real that you believe you’re actually investigating a crime and trying to solve the mysteries that unfold before you. If you’re in for some magical afternoon time, Mac King is ready to entertain you at Harrah’s.

The show is quite popular since its debut ten years back. And with still time in my hands, I watched some truly fabulous longboarding. A few teens were having the time of their life doing all kinds of tricks with their longboards trying to best each other’s records. I think the good quality longboards they had, and of course, the practice they did that made such stunts possible.

Museum visit

Later I visited the Mob Museum after I had a hankering for some history of the city. The museum has interactive exhibits as well as artifacts. Visitors can know all about the dreaded gangsters who ruled the city before. The Neon Museum situated nearby is also an equally good one, which houses Las Vegas iconic signs right from the 30’s to 90’s.

And if time permits, you can drop by at the National Atomic Testing Museum. This museum has all the work done at Nevada Test site and the impact on the country.

For those who regard their visit to any site incomplete without some nature scenery, the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is a good place to go. The Springs Preserve is a place to know about the entire history of Las Vegas, which is told via the 300 interactive exhibits. And if this is not sufficient, you can go to Red Rock Canyon Conservation, which has several hiking trails, horseback riding, picnic spots and rock climbing.