It’s no secret that the right lighting can set a mood in a place. Have you ever heard about candlelight dinners? Low, soft light like that can be romantic and sweet, just like the bright, flashing lights you find on slot machines in Vegas and elsewhere can agitate people and make them keep playing even when they would normally quit. Can you remember a time at the theater when the lights were on and bright during the movie? Of course you can’t. It’s kind of impressive how much of an effect lighting can have on the way a person perceives something – whether that’s a person, a place or a thing.

This whole lighting issue is something I’m intimately familiar with since I’m often looking for ways to make clubs pop more, or garner more attention, or just appear to be an entertaining place to visit. There are only so many ways to do this though. Playing the latest and greatest music is a start, but it’s also the easiest thing on the list. Featuring special dishes, drinks and other cuisine from around the world is another great way to make a club look good. But that’s a little difficult to work out, especially if you don’t have cooks with experience in foreign foods.

One of the most affordable ways to make people at a club enjoy the setting more is to give them a nice lightshow. There are strobe lights, of course; that’s a classic device that you still find in disco halls (and yes, disco isn’t dead). You’ve also got LED lights, which come in a variety of different setups, like strings, bars and even spheres, like the classic strobe lights. In fact, you can learn more about all the different types of LED lighting setups if you visit and have a look there.

Having the lights doesn’t really teach you how to use them effectively though. For this, you will want to watch any number of videos about other light shows to look for common themes and try to pull ideas from them. In this world, you don’t necessarily have to be unique to stand out, get people’s attention and create a memorable clubbing environment – it is often enough to just do something well which someone else has done in the past. So, yes, trust me on this one; study light shows at clubs if you want to learn how to present a good one.

Of course, this has a cost too. It may not be monetary, but if you can make better use of your time and get more out of it, then you may want to consider spicing up your club through food or music, as was suggested earlier. If possible, improving two or even all three of these aspects of your club simultaneously would obviously have the greatest effect. More than anything, you need to pay attention to your regular demographic – what group of people you get the majority of your customers from on any given night. Catering to them is key.