Clubs have always been around, even if they weren’t called clubs back in the day. Nightspots, gathering places, taverns, pubs, bars; places where people can get together to enjoy good music, good food and good company are a thing which is practically synonymous with civilization. For just as long, there have also been private clubs which only catered to certain people rather than anyone who would walk in. There have also been clubs which aren’t necessarily easy to get to – remote clubs that sort of test how badly someone really wants to see them by being in the middle of nowhere.

These remote clubs can’t do business if they don’t actually have people coming and going, so it’s not like they’re on the tops of mountains or inside the mouths of volcanoes or anything. But it’s not rare at all to see clubs that might be on the sides of rivers that are constantly rolling in one direction or another. Most of these may not be the kinds of clubs I’m used to seeing, visiting or promoting, but that doesn’t make them any less of gathering places where people go to meet. I can even think of a few good examples right off the top of my head here.

The United States is packed with rivers, and happens to be a good location for finding remote clubs because of it. You don’t necessarily need to row your trusty kayak down any rivers to get to the River Club of Mequon in Wisconsin, but you could certainly get there by water if you preferred. It might even be faster than driving since there’s Mequon is basically a textbook example of a remote location. Of course, there are remote clubs all over the world, not just in the United States. Let’s look at Europe.

Remote ClubsEurope’s night scene as a whole is one of the best in the world, and there are remote clubs to be found in populous cities like Paris, Amsterdam and even Budapest. The best way to see as many of these clubs as possible in one run would probably be for you to sign up for one of the various river cruises which run through the continent every year. Of course, you could always take to the waters yourself if you had a decent watercraft to do it. You can get more information here about smaller, personal watercraft if sitting on a larger boat doesn’t suit you.

While you’re out and about searching for remote clubs around the world, there’s just one piece of advice I can give that you should keep in mind. The difficulty in getting to a club is not necessarily reflective of how enjoyable that club scene will be. Even today, club owners will randomly deny patrons entry, just to make it appear that their clubs are more exclusive and therefore “better” than other clubs in the area.  You have to be able to look at a club, or any destination really, and decide if the work needed to get there is actually worth getting there.