Frequenting a nightclub is undoubtedly great fun. You can mingle with people and burn off all your worries and some calories on the dance floor. Partying all night may be the best thing that you can have after a long and harrowing workweek, but at the same time you shouldn’t ignore the fact that a nightclub also poses some amount of danger with its frenetic and confusing environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone coming to the club has partying in his mind. If your stars are not aligned right, you may meet a gal or guy who on the outside my look a good person but may have more things on mind than what you had bargained for. So here are some tips to make your night jaunts safer

Safe drinking

There have been several incidences of date-rape medicines being slipped into drinks. Many people contend that it is their most feared thing about going to a nightclub. Well, you can keep yourself safe by

  • Not leaving your drink unattended and covering it with your palm, while you’re in crowded places.
  • Don’t accept a drink from anyone and make sure you see the bartender pouring your drink before you accept it
  • And don’t share your drink with a person you’ve just lit upon
  • And don’t ever think of accepting any of the so-called harmless party drugs, especially from strangers.

If in spite of the above precautions, you do end up having your drink spiked, you will not realize it until the effects start showing. You should be aware about your mental and physical state. If you feel drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination, disorientation, slow in reaction, mental confusion, and being less inhibited than usual, you need to get help from the staff at the nightclub immediately.

Driving home

Drinking and driving don’t gel well together. If you plan to drive back on your own, make sure you don’t consume too much alcohol. Having proper led light bars, click here, installed on you vehicle also help in better visibility while driving at nighttime.

Sensible imbibing

While drinking within the allowed limits is integral to all nightclub visits, when you overstep your limits you are at risk. Your capability to sense danger reduces, as you are not alert. This leads to poor judgement and delayed response making you prey to dangerous situations, which are not so risky otherwise.


It is best to keep your valuable with you always, as you never know what may happen, especially in the crowded and dark settings that nightclubs have. You can also limit what you take with you. Do away with expensive gadgets, makeup kits or too much cash. If there is nothing valuable to lay hands on, you will not have to worry too much.

Numbers count

It is always best to go to nightclubs with friends. This is the safest way to avoid all the above-mentioned perils you may encounter. Criminals too are dissuaded from targeting a large group than a couple or single person. Friends give the needed assistance, when you have drunk over your limits or in case of your drink being spiked. Travelling back and forth is also safer.