Being a club promoter is one of the great ways to have fun and entertainment  and turn them into a profit. That’s why I love this job. However, many people may not know what it means to be a club promoter, which are the obligations and how  they make money. So, let’s dispel a fog surrounding this profession and explain who is a  club promoter and what they do.

What is a club promoter?

Basically, club promoter is primarily a lover of parties,  who has a very wide circle of friends and makes new acquaintances easily. Club promoters use their connections with people in order to invite them to a party and earn money that way. It seems simple, right? Just say, “Hey guys, there’s a good party, let’s have fun.”

Well, maybe, if it is the only party that takes place in your city. But most often it is not! That is why the job of  the club promoter requires much more skill than just calling for a good time. He should be fully aware of the working style of one club and to know what makes a successful nightclub. Only then, it can convince people that his club is exactly what they need for good entertainment. In some way, the job of the club promoter is a classic trade, only instead of the product he offers a good time.

Can anyone be a club promoter?

Although the job of a club promoter appears simple, it is not a job for everyone. A good club promoter must be ambitious, and he need to like entertainment, socializing with people and to be assertive and charismatic. This job looks as a fun, but the successful club promoter will take care of its development. He will seek new ways to promote the club and to convince owners of the club that he is a true promoter for them.

He will learn to access people on the not irritating way. It is great to make money in this way – bring a few friends, get a free drink in a super club. But to be successful, it is necessary to expand the circle of friends and acquaintances, to know the club and what kind of people gathers there and what is the nightclub dress code. All this can be important when you are calling people to the party.

Can a club promoter really make money?

A job of club promoter brings money, otherwise we would not talk about this as a profession, but about a simple lover of parties. There are several ways in which the club promoter can earn money from the nightclub visit.

One way of earning is per head. For every person who comes to a party, a club promoter has a certain amount of money. Logically, the more people – more money. How much money he can earn depends on the type of people who are invited to the party. Experienced promoter has in his circle of acquaintances respected people and models, and its income can be even 100 $ per head.

In addition to earnings per head, there may be flat earnings that promoter agreed with the owner of the club. On the one hand, it is a guaranteed way to make money. On the other hand, if the response is good, the promoter can earn more if it works per head.

The third way is earning from selling drinks. Club promoter brings the people who spend money at the bar or at a table, and takes a percentage of sales.

Advantages and disadvantages of this job

For lovers of nightlife, the advantage of such a job is obvious. In this way, they can have fun, meet people and be paid for that. What will attract people to keep coming back to the same club, and thus make continuous profits, is the charm and charisma of the club promoter. Successful people in this business become popular and celebrities in the certain people circles.

Every business, in addition to the bright side, has another side of the coin. It’s like walking on the steep stairs. Effort and work will bring the dizzy success. But the night life involves living with vices. You will replace the day and night, which was not the healthiest lifestyle, but there are also alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. If you want to be part of such a job and the crowd, then you need to monitor your own steps. If you are not strong enough, easily you’ll roll down the stairs.

How to be a successful club promoter?

A successful club promoter will always  find a way to make progress in its work, and to develop a strategy for attracting people and creating crowds. What brings the progress in this business? It brings new responsibilities and more money.

Good club promoters often become party promoters. Being a party promoter requires some organizational skills, not just acquaintances, as well as investing money in the organization, DJ, and other staff.

This promotion requires more knowledge, greater risk, but it makes more profit. Party promoter can earn up to $ 10,000 for the evening. However, the organization of one party involves much more time, not just one night.