You can party and have fun anywhere. Play some good music, turn the volume up, get a bottle and find some nice company – you’re all set up for a fun night!

But if you’re searching for an intense, exciting summer night-out or weekend escapade, I suggest you hit up into a dance party nightclub. These destinations are where you can find the real party vibe – huge crowds, thumping beats, and booze till you drop.

From New York to Denver to Chicago to Las Vegas to San Francisco, I’ve partied at pretty much every city across the country. And every city has its own unique, interesting club, but some venues really stand out.

What makes these clubs “hot” is a mishmash of many factors – the ambiance, the sound system, the brand of music, and the line-up of DJs, musicians, and artists.  Let me share to you five of the best night clubs that will make your night go with a bang!

Pacha, New York

The sprawling 3,000-person capacity superclub – Pacha – is Manhattan’s newest playground. Having dominated the party scene in the Mediterranean since the 70s, Pacha has grown to be a global face of hedonistic glamour. Much like its outposts in Munich, London, Syndey and Ibiza, Pacha NY draws capacity crowds due to its superb party experience.

Pacha NY has remained the best superclub in this part of the country. And despite the upcoming launch of other large label nightclubs, Pacha stays on top of its game. The nightclub boasts of a thumping sound system, one-of-a-kind lineups, great venue, competent and professional staff, and practical location. Pacha also serves the most popular cocktails for partygoers. I won’t wonder why it is among the top destinations for tri-state ravers.

Whether it’s techno, bangers, or electro, the lively vibe at Pacha NY is definitely unmatched. The superclub is all about great music and fun. Some may find some issues with Pacha such as the absence of a dress code policy and VIP bottle service. But only few clubs come close to the party experience the club guarantees.

Marquee, Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan is home to Marquee – an expansive nightclub that guarantees premier club experience, luxurious ambiance and electric energy. Situated at the rooftop, the 60,000 square feet megaclub features a complex of unique club rooms and an outside pool-club that gives you a panoramic view of Las Vegas skyline.

Benny Bennasi, Kaskade, and Erick Morillo are just a few international DJs you can find in their lineup.  If you don’t fancy the house music, you can definitely try other club rooms. The Boombox is a mixed format area that makes you feel as if you are surrounded by music. It has a 360-degree bar and an earthy dance floor surrounded by VIP tables. The tables situated in the side and back give you a clear view of the Strip. If you are in for a warmer, private and more discreet room, head to the Library. The club has a sexy hue and ambiance perfect for some nice, sexy chat.

Marequee is more than just a one-room wonder. It offers a comprehensive clubbing experience for all types of party-goers.

Beta, Denver

Talking about a huge club, Beta is huge in every way –from its regular lineup to its massive sound system to its ever hyper-energized crowd. If you ever find yourself near Denver and want one hell of a clubbing experience, Beta would never disappoint.

Headlined by international DJs such as John Digweed, Skrillex, Claude von Stroke, Eric Prydz and Mat Zo, and Deadmau5, you are certain of the quality of beats that awaits you in this glam-clab. At full capacity, this nightclub can pack up to 950 ravers. The party ambiance is coupled with inviting effects and lighting. Once the 72,000-watt audio system starts to pound (said to be the best in America), party-goers go wild.

The music is just so loud that you can feel the ground and the concrete bouncing. Your body literally tugs with the beat – perfect for different dancers to show off their skills. And to complement this hyped aura, the liquid-nitrogen-fueled fog machine drenches all ravers. How does that sound? If you just want a cozy, chill vibe, there is a Beatport Lounge area.

Great beats and perfect ambiance make Beta a major mecca for both dance music fanatics and casual partiers. I would not really wonder why such place is home to great beats music; behind it is the man – Brad Roulier, who is a co-founder of Beatport.

XS, Las Vegas

Hailed as the best club in town by club promoters, XS is part of the Wynn dynasty. Its roster boasts of the finest DJs in USA’s club scene – such as Diplo, Madeon, Knife Party, Skrillex, Tiesto, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, and many more. These names say so much about the kind of music and beats one can expect here.

But it is not only the DJs that make this club a stand out, it’s a supper-glossy, glamorous megaclub with superb light shows, shimmering chandeliers and flashy gold, pounding sound system, outdoor cabanas, VIP tables, and a sea of beautiful people. It’s definitely every hedonist’s dream destination.

During busy nights, the club swells to over 8,000 club-goers which infuse the place with so much life and energy.

Story, Miami

When in Miami, you don’t want to miss out the chance to experience the supreme Infinite Hybrid sound system of Story. The super club attracts the biggest names in the club music scene, the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris and Wolfgang Gartner.

Story has a massive floor area that allows loads of people to dance around and party. Its luxurious ambiance is complemented by a spectacular light show, TVs, LED lights, and unique elements that make it plusher. The service at Story is unmatched by any other clubs around this area. It’s certainly a true destination spot if you are in Miami.

So, there you go – my 5 very best night clubs in the US. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll definitely find it here.

The next time you think of clubbing, be guided by this list!