Going out and clubbing all night long is not the healthiest thing you can do, and it definitely won’t go easy on your stomach. But people seem to ignore the fact that even when you’re out, drinking and having fun, you have to eat. And it’s not only that, you have to be careful about what you’re about to ingest.

Being under influence might result in the following two things: you’ll go the whole night without eating anything, or you’ll get so hungry you’ll take the first thing that’s offered. Either way, it’s not good. You have to realize one simple fact – eating something that’s good for your organism will take you a long way. You’ll probably end up having the best time of your life. So here is my perfect menu for an extra fun night out.

Minced meat sandwich with Greek yoghurt

It’s only natural that after a long and sweaty night out, we tend to crave something extra greasy. It’s our bodies’ way of telling us that they need an injection of protein and all the other nutrients. And I’m not saying this should be completely avoided, but it’s a fact that such food won’t go easy on your stomach. What I’m proposing is a compromise, inspired by one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had, and although you might not believe me, it involved a meat grinder, the kind you can find reviewed on Best Meat Grinder Reviews.

When I was in Serbia a couple of years ago, they gave me this minced meat sandwich that was absolutely divine. I asked what their secret was, and they told me they grind their own meat. Since I’d fallen in love with the sandwich, and wanted to know how it’s made, I asked them to teach me. They showed me the whole process of mincing meat, preparing it and making the sandwich. I later even bought this beauty: http://www.meatgrinderadviser.com/stx-3000-mf-megaforce-review/, and continued making it for myself. But what I was trying to say is this – I didn’t eat just the sandwich. They also served Greek yoghurt, which I believe makes the perfect combination that will satisfy your need for something greasy, without going hard on your stomach.

Finger food

Yes, you’ll need to eat before going out, as well. And I believe that, although it depends on what it’s made of, finger food in general is the ultimate food for this specific purpose. We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is not good for the health, but not many of us listen. People have even conducted studies to determine what type of food should be ingested before drinking, and it turns out it’s the food with a natural fat content, like avocado, salmon, and other stuff you’ll generally find as ingredients in canapés, for example.

Frittata with vegetables and goat cheese

As if it’s not complicated enough, I strongly recommend to have a light and healthy breakfast after you’ve slept on it. Although there are many different variations to choose from, my favorite is this tasty frittata with just a bit of goat cheese.