Dealing with drunks at my party events is one of the most frustrating occupational hazards of my hectic line of work which I have committed myself to. Picking up on earlier posts related to the problem of drunkenness at clubs and suggestions on how clubbers can continue to be exuberant on or around the dance floor while, let’s just say, twisting their sobriety, I’d like to share my frustration, what I’ve done in the past to overcome them and continue to do to combat this dangerous form of behavior, and leave you with a thought on how to take care of yourself, with or without a glass in your hand.

Twist in my sobriety

Let’s start with that unusual turn of phrase. New Zealand-born folk singer, Tanita Tikaram, wrote this song some years back. Essentially a melodic folk number, it became extremely popular world-wide and DJs quickly revamped the song into an epic dance number. The adverb in this song’s title, when applied to those who have acknowledged a chronic dependence on alcohol, is usually used as a mark of pride for staying sober.

My frustrations

Most of us are not alcoholics, but some of you out there find it difficult to restrain yourself. I’m not sure if this has something to do with your nervous inability to adjust to the hectic club vibe and crowds, but there are usually a number of understandable reasons for not adhering to the legal limits. Anyway, my frustration is confined to the few rabble-rousers whose only mission in life is to spoil the party for others. In order to make their performance as theatrical as possible, they usually drink as much of the hard tack that they can get away with.

Dealing with the hazards

These days I handle the stress expertly. I’ve combined my newly acquired martial arts skills well with my quick, intuitive thinking. I’m able to think quickly on my feet and eject the mis-fitting drunk from the venue without hurting him. I don’t need legal hassles in my life too. Of course, I squeeze breaks in when I can, so dancing also helps. I drive around a lot, so, whether I’m working or playing, you are never going to see me over the limit.

I eat and sleep well too, and I don’t need drugs to boost or relax me either. I enjoy the company of gorgeous ladies, but I always play it safe there too. Such responsible and practical life skills help me cope with the occupational hazard of dealing with drunks.

Take good care of yourself

Arbalist Zone is not another night club, but it is one of many places you can go to online to learn how to invigorate your life and help you take better care of yourself, particularly when you are out late at night at a club, just as you should be. And please, girls and boys don’t drink and drive.