When compared to London or even Berlin, Paris does not feature much on the nightclub map. In fact, it is difficult to find really decent nightclubs here as I found out during one my recent visits to the fashion capital. But I managed to find out a few quality ones. Here are some of the top spots that give a great nightlife experience in Paris.


Situated on a barge on the river Seine, this club has been in existence for a long time and with consistent crowds lining up always. The ship lights up the evening until the early hours and you can have your fill of rock, hip hop, dubstep, electro, and techno. The club offers a spectacular view of the city too.

Chez Moune

This club flaunts a vintage style décor with mirrored and tiled walls and low ceilings. The club caters to the hipster or branche crowd in Paris. Electro rock is the main style here. This is a free nightclub unlike most of the nightclubs here. Since it was hunting season, when I visited Paris, our group decided to go on a hunting trip.  The hunting lodge we stayed at provided all essential gear right from the hunting boots. I however had my own sturdy hunting boots I usually wear on my hunting trips, which I take along, whenever I’ve a hunting trip planned.

Chacha Club

This club featured luxurious art deco style in the interior, which is a stark contrast to the imposing and dark exterior façade it poses. If you are looking for a genuine private nightclub experience, this is the best one to frequent. Techno, electro, and pop are belted out by the DJs. For a calmer ambience, the fumoir or recording studio present in-house offers an escape route and so does the posh bathroom with its claw footed bathtub.

Le Truskel

This club offers a pleasing blend of micro club environment and Celtic style pub ambience. Featuring punk, electro pop and indie music, you can enjoy the beats well into dawn. The club is situated in a strategic area as you can see spill overs from parties conducted in the Olympia concert hall nearby. Since we were busy with our hunting schedule, we couldn’t get to see the concerts in this hall. However, the hunting trip was worth it as we had a great time. Having special SPYDERCO-POLICE tactical knives also helped a lot during the trip. It goes to show how having the right gear with you can make a trip highly satisfying.

Rex Club

This club has dance floors sunken below the normal ground level. For those who crave a new and altering experience, this club offers the best entertainment especially for the international crowd. I found the club similar to the techno-grunge style London clubs. While electronica and bass heavy beats dominate here, the bouncers at this club are often grouchy and temperamental, but are dressed as per the etiquette.

Le Social Club

This club located near Club Rex, in the Grands Boulevards region features some exciting hot DJ acts both in the international and French level. With retro-futuristic style, the club with a capacity to hold 500 people has electro, disco, techno, house and other similar genres.