While traveling to many different places from all around the world I have really seen some weird, but interesting night clubs. I need to share that with you so, here is my list.

Club in a cave

During my visit to Europe, I have visited a club that is built into the natural caves situated on a huge rock cliff next to the sea. This club has numerous caves, openings and outcrops looking out onto the sea. Visiting these caves has been a great experience, apart from the part when I had to climb for some time to get there, but it was amazing watching the sunset while sipping a cold drink.

Ever drank a beer inside a tree?

I have done that when I was once at the club built inside a tree. You heard me right, the club is inside a huge hollowed out tree. The capacity of the club is small, but it has some kind of a special charm since the leitmotiv is all about the mythical creatures, so the interior is quite interesting. Everything is made out of wood, even beer and cocktail glasses.

Rainforest club

Since I am talking about trees, it reminded me of one pretty weird club I have visited. It is full of trees and plants, mostly tropical. Inside the club, there are huge aquariums with rare kinds of fishes, and that is really the most impressive thing. Aquariums reach from one wall to the other and they’ve put so much effort into the details, like the castles and decorations inside the aquariums. I have also noticed big canister filters inside the aquariums, such as these: http://canisterfilterguide.com/best-fish-tank-filter-reviews/, which is good, since I believe the fish couldn’t live without them.

The whole idea behind it is that you feel like you have come to the rainforest and the owners of the club really made it that way. Also, thumbs up for the big canister filters, since they probably make maintaining the place much easier. All in all, the trees, plants and fish in this club distracted me with their beauty so much that I almost forgot to drink and dance.

Dance-for-climate club

The one club where I did not forget to dance is the club where you need to dance to save the world. While in that club, you really have to dance, since the club’s power is generated from the dancers on the dance floor. All you need to do there is to keep on partying and that way you are saving the environment. Apart from using dancing as a source of energy, everything else about this club is eco-friendly as well.

Circus labyrinth club

If you have ever dreamed about clubbing in a circus, this is the right place for you. This club is pretty wild and besides the big outside area, kitsch decorations and many dance floors, there is also a huge and very real labyrinth. While in this club, I have listened to the most bizarre music and met the most bizarre people. psychedelic vibe makes it a really interesting place to visit, even though it is not placesclubs,f the weirdest.