Organizing a party and its promotion are not jobs that can be done overnight. That’s why I often guest in other people’s clubs. It is simply impossible to make a good party in your club every night. At other clubs, I meet people who might be guests of my club, and I get the inspiration. Exactly in this way, I came up with the idea to make a jazz party. Since I had already gone through the process of developing ideas, I would like to share with you what you need to organize such an event.

Motive. For some people, going out to a club is meant (I’m the example). Some others need a reason to go to the party. I love jazz, but it is not popular in wide circles of people like some modern music. So, here is very important to choose a good motive for a party. It can be a birthday of a famous jazz musician, a thematic evening devoted to jazz lovers or for those that are engaged in playing the trumpet, professional or amateur. The trumpets like these that can be found on are just one piece of the jazz puzzle.

Music. When you create a jazz party, music is a central part of the story. The aim of this gathering is to provide jazz lovers enjoy the music with a good time. If you are not familiar with jazz, then you need to engage someone who is better acquainted with this kind of music. Perhaps it is a better idea to hire a jazz orchestra. That way, you will provide your public a true jazz experience, with professional musicians, on professional instruments like these. For me personally, nothing can replace live music, especially when it comes to jazz.

Costumes. If you really want the atmosphere of the 20’s in your club, then the costumes are an indispensable part which should be taken into account. Going to this party is not a costume party. Men will need details in the form of suit and necktie. For the female population, the main details will be beads and feathers.

Food. Whether you are going to organize the food on  the party, depends again on your ideas and your audience. For an older audience, it is better afforded a place at the table when you can serve food on the plates, while the younger audience will more likely to enjoy in each other commotion. Then it is better to choose a Swedish table and something that can be eaten with fingers.

The decor is another way to complete the atmosphere in your club. What you need is a bit of retro details or those in the form of the trumpet, saxophone, notes, piano, gramophone records, feathers and hats.

Jazz Party is not something that will be a daily hit, but can be an interesting experience. It requires a lot of knowledge, inspiration, and planning. Inspiration can be found in music, movies on the subject, books, on some website. Finally, there is the hard part – you need to animate people, intrigue them and make them come to your club. If you are a good club promoter, then you surely already have your tricks for that!