Although a nightclub is a place where you’re supposed to let you hair down and be as you wish to be, the nightclub environment is something that requires the due diligence. Well, so it is not a high flying club like a private club, supper club or for that matter a golf club, but still a night club too needs some kind of decorum, So here are some useful tips for your night club outing

The right clothes

By the right clothes, I don’t mean that new suit you had bought recently and are longing to show off. A nightclub is where you dance endlessly well into the night, and with so much activity going on you’re bound to get sweaty.

Donning your best outfit, even if it cost you a bomb is not necessary as, to be frank, the dimmed lights do not give much credence to what you wear. And with the jostling that happens, you might even get your dress stained by a spilled drink.

Black is out

While black is the evergreen color to wear, this is not so in case of nightclubs. Most clubs have black lights only under which your dress would look brownish, dull, and sometimes even unattractive. And then, there’s the dandruff to give you away.

Gray is the popular color that hides the sweat, while blue is a color that is meant for nighttime. My cousin, a gorgeous blonde, prefers blue dresses and looks stunning in them. She however contends that her sewing skills and her splendid serger make her look appealing rather than the color. She designs and makes her own clothes and they are awesome so I’d to agree with her.

Coat thoughts

Choose a coat that can survive the hot atmosphere. A leather jacket or lightweight blazer would do a great job. Choose one with more pockets.

Club codes

Since each club works under a different dress code and with different cooling and crowds, you need to find out what the code is for the club you want to go. You can also google or chat up with a few who frequent the club. This would avoid you from appearing as the only guy in jeans and flannel, while all others are in shiny spandex.

Be city wise

All American nightclubs have some or other etiquette to be followed, which mostly depend on the location. For instance, in Vegas wearing Payless black square-toed shoes is a done thing, while in New York, even if you wear the ‘appropriate’ sneakers, you are bound to be stopped by the door attendant. So, no sneakers! The safe bet is to wear shoes such as boots, moccasins and some others, which get better as they age and remember they shouldn’t be white.

Tucked shirt

Well, I think you can get by wearing a patterned shirt or a slim fit oxford shirt untucked, if it is long, otherwise you need to tuck your shirt in to give the proper look. A nice looking suit that looks slick can get you in fast if you’re in too early. If you’re too late getting in, it is okay to look disheveled as you may well get in, but after a little waiting time. At any other time of the evening, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you have a beautiful woman with you.