I was recently in Los Angeles visiting the hot and happening nightclubs in the region. The sheer variety found there had me surprised. No wonder the place is popular for its nightclubs. Whether it is the trendy Downtown beats or Hollywood velvet ropes, you can have a wide variety of flavor.

The city has both exclusive venues and incognito hangouts too. If you like hipster parties Echo Park, Silver Lake and Downtown are the places to go. The SunSet Strip is for the trendy crowd, while you can find hot spots for college students too. All in all the afterhours entertainment is just above any expectation you have about the city. Some of the most popular places in Los Angeles include,


Launched in the year 2006, this place became quite a rage in a few years’ time. With Brent Bolthouse, the famous promoter at its helm, the lively club attracts the elite crown from Hollywood.

Disco ballThe modern décor (midcentury) features quaint coffee tables made of wood contrasting with the leather couches in white, while the bars and dance floor remain the entertainment hub of the place. If you are looking for a personal space to know the women who frequent here, the outdoor patio is the spot to go.

But there is only one hitch. Getting in is not simple. Even if your name is on the day’s guest list it cannot guarantee entry as the place gets packed pretty soon.

One way out of this dilemma is reserving the bottle service which would instantly give you access to mingle with the waitresses, starlets and enjoy a nice location. While I did enjoy the nightlife here, I had the opportunity to experience the most fun filled and cool barbecue party at my friend’s place. He had a special Electric Smoker , which produced the most amazing grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted.

Les Deux

Owned by Dolce Group, this popular LA hangout includes Geisha House and Ketchup House. You can enjoy the European ambience here with half of the venue in open air under the bright stars, while the other half being indoors. The highlight of the place is the outdoor grotto that features a fountain and projector run French films setting the mood for a cool night out.

If single you’d find it hard to get past the bouncers, but when you are with a group of girls they readily let go the velvet rope. I did not have any problem as we were in a group consisting of men and women. We had been enjoying the outdoors all day long in the countryside and had a blissful afternoon barbecue, which had me thinking of buying a smoker like my friend had. He suggested I take a look at the pellet smokers such as on this page to make a better choice.


While this hangout looks quite tame outside, once you enter you are engulfed by the 1920s Hollywood décor complete with crystal chandeliers and oil paintings. While the dance floor doesn’t leave much space for dancing, the DJs put up a splendid fare all days of the week. You can find the best of Hollywood including actors, producers and agents here. Make sure you are there before the clock strikes