motorcycle-410165_960_720By now, you’ve all heard that song before. It’s not a club anthem nor is it suited to any sassy club’s eurhythmics and image. But the song, I feel, is relevant to our lives. Yes folks, we were all born to be wild. If you are one of those who are utterly dull and boring, don’t worry me hearties, your time will come quite unexpectedly. You’ll soon grow tired of being as rigid as a statue and want to loosen up and live it up. Most of the guys and dolls at my many club ventures do it as a matter of life. Not death, because living it up gives them an eternal sense of euphoria.

You also need to play it safe

Speaking of euphoria, I don’t need to remind you that you don’t need drugs for this. Nor do you need excessive amounts of alcohol. In fact, these antidepressants will leave you feeling more glum and much the worse for wear. To be truly wild and live to tell the tale, you need to be in peak condition. Do not for a moment believe the myth that being wild these days means living life dangerously.

Being responsible, as you should be at any one of my gigs, also means playing it safe. Motorcyclist Life, let’s just say, give their readers a head up by reminding them of the importance of keeping it safe on their bikes. Not only because it is a matter of road safety laws, the days of seeing the wild ones motoring past with only their long locks in the wind are long gone. In fact, most of the heavies that pitch up at one of my parties, indoors or outdoors, are all wearing helmets.

Girls are doing the wild things too

Another myth died some years ago. Although it is still a necessary part of our club culture to see slim girls or girls with curves wearing only the sexiest outfits that will do, girls are slowly but surely going where angels fear to tread. They are doing the wild things that guys have been doing for years. The guys at Motorcyclist Life never forgot this. That’s why they’ve devoted some space to the ladies to help them source right-sized girls’ helmets for their own wild sprees.

Having a bike along with all the necessary gear is ideal for clubbing. You create your own aura. When you arrive with your hot rod at the scene of your vibe, heads will always turn. Before you’ve even gone inside you are the center of attraction and the life of the party. It’s a lot cheaper than Lamborghinis and Ferraris anyhow. Of course, getting down to it does not just include clubbing and biking (that’s just part of the trip). You can surely by now think of dozens of ways to let your hair loose and let yourself go.

It’s great that the wild side of life is part of my job. Apart from dealing with bozos, there are no occupational hazards. Stepping up into unchartered territory is no hazard either.