Nightclubs come in different varieties and ranges. From impressive production, sound, and lighting to distinctive decor and lineup of popular DJs, you have quite a lot of factors that make some nightclubs unique, while others run of the mill. So how do you classify a nightclub as a coolest one? Here are some important qualities.

Perfect sound

The sound remains the heart and soul of a club and this is an irrefutable fact. Therefore, a clubs sound system should be on par with global standards to make it noticeable. Even if the venue is not that impressive, the top notch sounds more than makes up for the lack. A good sound system should not be too bassy or loud but be crisp and enveloping, so you can listen to the details without leaving your ears ringing.

Best talent

The artists in a club should dish out consistent fare. Some of the most popular nightclubs are well known for their splendid acts in dance music. Some best known talent on the nightclub scene include, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Hardwell and more.


A best venue is one that has a distinct environment. Whether it is atmospheric or luxurious, the décor should be able to transport you to another world. This is accomplished by a blend of various elements including décor, lighting, and production.


The most important factor of any club is that it should create a craving to sample more of the delights. This applies any type of club be it a fitness, health or even a golf club. A health club for instance should have updated equipment and an atmosphere that motivates healthy habits. A golf club for its part should have a serene atmosphere and have updated facilities such as use of the new keen golf rangefinders to attract members.

A great atmosphere, which is obtained by all the factors, combined in the right proportion make a club highly popular. A good staff, crowd etc. also play a vital part in making a club successful.

Proper demographic

A nightclub should be able to say no to the wrong crowd. One important part of hospitality is the better the crowd you have inside, the better will be the party. A tough door and proper focus on the right demographic will ensure everyone frequenting the club has a good experience. Some of the things to concentrate on include a unique dress code, particular time of entry for customers and allowing mixed genders. Instead of just letting in 10 guys, allowing a mix of 6 girls and 4 guys would do well for the population on the dance floor.

Trained staff

The staff should be well trained and discrete. An amazing service is what makes a nightclub stand out. Training the staff well is therefore necessary. Hiring the best and most gregarious staff and giving them right tools help in keeping the club an exclusive one.

With thousands of nightclubs present, nightclubs face a stiff competition. It is necessary for them to create a name that sizzles and attracts customers in droves. Knowing what ticks with the customers helps to create the desired result.