Planning a girls night out but don’t want to go clubbing?

That’s exactly the dilemma that I had to contend with this dilemma: a nightclub promoter organizing a night out but not in a club! It’s certainly a challenging task.

As a club promoter, I am used to planning parties and night outs in flashy nightclubs here in Las Vegas and other ‘red light districts.’ That’s why I was initially hesitant about this project. Planning an evening event aside from clubbing is totally not my turf. I honestly didn’t know any other fun things to do aside from clubbing. But since it was a good friend who commissioned me, I felt obliged to do so.

I went around Las Vegas to explore the nightlife outside of the clubs. I used an amazing goal planner reviewed here: After a lot of revisions in my original plan, thankfully the event was a success. They all enjoyed it.

But what really surprised me is that there are actually a lot of other amazing activities to do at night outside of nightclubs, bars and dance halls. Here let me share with you some ideas on your next girls’ night out.

  1. Pool party

Except during winter season, overnight pool parties promise a night of fun and laughter. Make the party complete with lady’s drinks, fruity beverages, pool floats, and patio lighting.

  1. Salon/spa

After spending long hours at work, pamper yourself along with your friends at a salon or spa. You could do facials, manicure/pedicure, and massages. Serve light snacks, juices and evening cocktails to make your night out even more fun.

  1. Art exhibit

I admit that I’m not a fan of art – it’s boring. But some girls do love the arts. It can be an ideal option for these girls. Look for upcoming art shows and glam up for the night. If there’s a local museum or art gallery, that’ll be great too!

  1. Food trip

Explore the city and you’ll be surprised that there are lots of other exciting food stops. Instead of the typical restaurants, look for other food establishments that offer exotic and unique dishes. A stroll down local street foods district is also a fun night out idea for the outdoorsy type. It’s great to discover new things and experience new foods with friends.

  1. Thrift store shopping

Girls can’t get enough of shopping! A night at the thrift stores is a sober way to spend an evening with the girls. From clothing to home décor to accessories, you’ll definitely go home with some amazing finds.

  1. Huddle up at a friend’s place

You don’t have to be literally “out” at a public place to enjoy your night. Huddle up in one of your girl-friends’ place and spend the night playing board games, card games or other parlor games. It’s nice to be childlike again. You can also spend the night watching movies, listening to music, telling stories and more.

If you’re tired of nightclubbing or just want to be sober, there are tons of exciting night out ideas you can think of. What’s important is to enjoy the night with the company of your girl-friends!